Y.CO Set to Innovate Yacht Charter with LYNK

Y.CO brings innovation to the superyacht charter booking process with LYNK, an interactive  platform that personalises the yacht charter experience unlike ever before.

The superyacht charter process is set to be revolutionised through technology. Y.CO, the challenger brand of the yachting industry, continues to innovate with the release of its new personalised digital client platform, Y.CO LYNK.

So, what is Y.CO LYNK? LYNK is a secure microsite, personally customised for each Y.CO client and populated with suitable yachts, bespoke itineraries and relevant content. Each dynamic and content-rich site is tailored precisely to the individual client.

Here’s how it works: upon receiving a charter enquiry, a Y.CO charter consultant immediately creates a unique and secure LYNK microsite, populating it with suitable yachts across the Y.CO fleet and exciting itineraries in various locations. The client is sent a personal platform, which is only accessible by the person it was created for. The client can then review the options suggested by the charter consultant. From here the LYNK site only increases in depth and personalisation, as yachts are filtered and personal preferences established.

charter preferences

Conveniently, the subsequent time the client wishes to charter, they simply connect to their LYNK microsite. From carefully selected yachts to unique itineraries far off the beaten track, Y.CO LYNK delivers content that is directly matched to the way the client charters – from exploring the French Riviera to adventuring in the South Pacific. This level of personalisation has never before been offered in the yachting world.

charter preference

In short, Y.CO LYNK revolutionises the charter booking experience by giving clients access to all elements of their charters and enquiries – past and current – all in one place.

This software will transform the chartering experience for clients, making it easier, more personalised, more informative and better planned. In the 21st century, customisation is key, and LYNK delivers. Naturally, this very clever platform is optimised across devices including 4K display.

This pioneering and user-friendly approach is yet another example of why Y.CO is considered to be the ‘challenger brand’ of the yachting industry, bringing new approaches and evolution to the superyacht experience.

charter destination preference

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