Why Data Management Should Be a Top Priority For Your Business in 2017

What would your business do if you walked into work tomorrow morning and you had nothing on any of the computers? All the servers were empty, none of your documents existed and everything you worked on was gone.

You’ve walked in and you have nothing.

What would be the first thing you would do? Who would you call? Where would you even start to look to find the files?

This might be the nightmare scenario and you can pretend that it won’t happen to you, but almost every day you hear of yet another business being hit by a hack. If Sony were unable to defend themselves, what makes you think that your online defences are able to withstand an attack?

Most of the time, when someone has gained entry to your data systems, there is nothing you can do, but to shut it down and start again. This is the nightmare scenario and it’s playing out too often across the business world right now.

The simple and often overlooked solution to the problem is better data management. Designing a system that will not be crippled by a single attack. A system that can not only defend itself but in the worse case scenario, it has backup solutions ready to be rolled out.

An off-site backup is standard practice for most large businesses. It means that even if all of the building’s computers and networks are rendered useless, you will at the very least have a complete copy of everything that was previously created. This backup can be reinstated onto the existing network and you can carry on with your day as if nothing has happened.

Right data management is about more than just how you store your data. It’s about utilising all of the information at hand to be able to offer a solution from a detailed knowledge base. The right management level allows you to give valuable insight and support your findings with hard data.

It’s the ability to do both of these whilst having a robust governance program which ensures the data is accurate and stored in a safe and structured fashion. A good data management program will give secure access to data for approved users and restrict the use of others. It will address each individual user and create a unique experience which is suited to their individual needs.

And it will do all of this whilst keeping your company’s data secure from outside influences.

In truth, the best data management system you will ever experience is one where you have no idea that you are even using one. It all works so seamlessly, that you have no idea that the content you are viewing has been tailor-made exclusively for you and your needs. You will just log in to your computer and know that your data is secure and that you can access everything you want to.

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