Why an Agile development philosophy can benefit your business

In any business, frequently developing and updating your products is a fantastic way to ensure that you’re always at the forefront of the industry. It can show to competitors and customers alike that you’re always working to improve and be better as a business.

Often, however, it’s important to be as proactive as possible, rather than reacting to changes and developments in the industry. Working on your products using effective application development philosophies can help ensure you’re always at the cutting-edge of the industry, and Agile development is a perfect design philosophy that provides many benefits to businesses, as this article will demonstrate.

Lower risk through frequent releases

Breaking down applications and products into much smaller pieces is a great way to help ensure that everything is working as expected. It can also make it easier to discover potential problems and fix them then and there.

Without an agile development philosophy, there’s a risk that problems or issues may be more obscured. As more and more work gets completed on a certain project, for example, there may be some underlying issues that go undiscovered or get obscured. This can make some problems harder to fix than if they were discovered earlier on.

With more frequent releases, you can also better build up a better and more comprehensive picture of how well a product works at its very core. More detailed feedback can be collated on each individual release, which creates a sort of timeline, showing exactly how much has been added, fixed, or amended with each release.

Improved quality through collaboration and delegation

Breaking down releases into far smaller chunks also means that you can better ensure every individual piece of your product or project works as effectively and efficiently as possible.

A large part of this is because Agile development holds clarity and communication as one of its core values. It’s far easier to see exactly where your project is up to, who’s working on what subject, and what needs to be done going forward.

Staff with the skillset best-suited to particular tasks, or with experience in certain areas, can work together with other staff simply and effectively to ensure that a project is completed in an expertly clear fashion. Agile development also scales really well, too. Whether you have a small or a large team, this philosophy can still be applied to your business to create a smoother and more efficient operating processes.

A better experience for partners and customers

A more conventional release schedule will make significant, potentially drastic, additions and changes to a product with each iterative release. This can be well-received in its own right, as the changes and additions are large and wide-ranging enough to be immediately noticeable.

However, there are certain risks to this method which show that Agile development can be far more effective.

For example, some features or additions to a project might take you far longer than anticipated due to the complexity of an issue, or a large problem that crops up unexpectedly.

Issues such as these might mean that an especially-long period of time goes between each release, while you work on implementing a key feature, or get bogged down fixing issues that weren’t noticed earlier on.

This can be frustrating to customers and business partners, who might start to lose patience as they wait for new features and fixes in your product.

By using Agile development, you create a more frequent schedule of releases, each of which adds, amends or fixes some part of your product. While a particularly large change, such as the addition of completely new functionality, might still take time, the rest of the product is still being continually worked on, upgraded, fixed, and released.

This helps to keep your customers and partners more in the loop with your development processes, which can help generate trust in your business. Essentially, Agile development lets you create constant industry presence with your product, and gives customers a really clear and unique view into the way your business operates.

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