What every book lover should include on their Christmas wishlist

Struggling to think of the perfect gift for the book buff in your life? The truth is, avid readers aren’t always easy to buy for, especially when it comes to getting something that’s unique, personal and not simply another book. Don’t worry though, help is at hand. Here’s a roundup of some gifts and gadgets that any literature lover should include on their Christmas wishlist.

Personalised Kindle case

Every Kindle needs a stylish case to protect it. So why not go one step further this Christmas and get your book buddy a personalised cover? Whether it’s their name, a few meaningful words or a favourite literary quote, having your own text engraved into a case is guaranteed to put a smile on the face of any modern day bookworm. There is now a range of online sites that specialise in personalising e-reader covers. For example, sites like Tuff Luv offer a variety of case designs and colours to choose from, and you can also take your pick from a selection of fonts to match the style of the person you are buying for.

Reading gadgets

Looking for the perfect stocking filler? Designed to make reading more convenient, there’s now an array of innovative, useful gadgets that anyone who loves books will be thankful for. If you know someone who likes to turn pages late at night, a reading light which clips onto the page and doubles up as a handy bookmark could be ideal, while bath-enthusiasts will love a reading rack for the tub. For those who want a hands-free experience, an e-reader case with a kickstand or an adjustable holder can come in handy for reading on the commute to work, while sunbathing on holiday or for those who simply enjoy holding a cup of tea while delving into their latest work of literature.

Book-themed art

We all know someone who has too many books, right? Book-themed art is the ideal present for those people who have enough reading material to last a lifetime but still relish any opportunity to unleash their inner word geek. Whether it’s a quote from a well-known text, the front cover of a classic novel or an illustration of their favourite character, framed prints and pictures offer a great way to celebrate all things literary as well as making an attractive decorative feature in a bedroom or study.

With a little outside-of-the-box thinking, you should be able to find a special, stand-out Christmas gift for all types of book fanatics.

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