What do sites need to offer in terms of video game streaming? 

Video game streaming has become incredibly popular, and no longer the domain of geeks. A few years ago, to stream a video game live would require massively powerful technology, now you can simply watch a live stream on your phone if you wish. So the situation is very different to what it was even five years ago. However, there are still certain aspects that need to be in place if a company wants to stream video games live.

It has to be easy to do first of all. People simply are not going to use a game streaming service if the service itself is hard to set up and operate. Twitch, one of the biggest game streaming sites in the world, is incredibly simple to use, but it still requires the use of technology on the gamer’s side.

However, that technology is not hard to find and buy, and once it is set up it shouldn’t take too long for the gamer to become very good at using it. This is why Twitch is so successful.

Sites also need to offer a very strong community. If there are millions of people on the platform who can communicate with each other and comment on the games they see being played, this makes for a much more vibrant and fun environment.

The best sites in the world allow people to really become involved in the gaming experience, to contact the gamers, show support through comments and likes, and generally build up a very strong community online. It is interesting to find a gamer that is popular, because that tells the viewer they will entertained by the game session they are about to watch.

The stream also has to be unbroken too, with hardly any downtime. If you can pick up your phone and start to watch a stream without any lagging on the part of the streaming software, people will hang around and continue to use the service. If it becomes glitchy and turns into an ordeal to watch, then people will not use the service.

Perhaps the biggest thing a streaming service needs is usability. If someone can literally jump into a live stream instantly and just start watching, without having to navigate through too many screens, then this makes for an excellent streaming site.

People love Twitch because you simply sign up and then you can watch whatever streams you want to. The site is well-organised and only needs a couple of clicks before you right in the heart of a stream.

Streaming services have become more popular, but only the very best and easiest to use are still around much longer after launch. If Twitch is a good example, it is only because people find it very easy to use and enjoy.

Watch this space. You will probably find that many more streaming services start to pop up. You will be able to spot the ones that fail because they will simply close down. And that will, nine times out of ten, be because they are difficult to use.

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