Unusual reasons to believe the British economy is recovering 


Believe it or not, there are signs that the British economy is actually growing. The signs are actually quite unexpected as well. For a number of years now, the UK economy has been hesitant and at times quite stagnant.

But things are changing, and one or two little reasons are popping up out of the woodwork that we would’ve thought unbelievable just a year ago. These reasons are what follow in this article. You may want to rub your eyes in disbelief how every now and then, but each of these things is actually happening right now in the UK economy.

The CBI has reported that retailers are actually having a better year than ever. Okay, not better than ever, and the 1990s was certainly a lot better than now, but in the year up to August, it seems there has been increased spending in shops.

This is obviously a sign of increased growth in the United Kingdom. It’s good news for the retail sector, but this is also good news for everyone overall. If people are spending more in shops, that means they have more money to spend.  Taking into account the fall in sales in certain retail sectors, the final figure for growth of the retail sector in the year up to August 2015 is 24%.

The rise of the fat cat bonuses is most definitely over two. In fact, over the last financial year it seems that more bonuses are being paid out across a wider range of sectors. This includes professional sectors as well as private sector employers.

This is practically unheard of, and for professional and public service sector employers to give out bonuses to their employees, this must be a sure sign the UK economy is becoming healthy again.

Most professionals are used to complaining about the lack of bonuses in their industry. For this to have changed is a major breakthrough. It is definitely a sign of things on the up.

Our final sign that things are just getting better all around when it comes to the UK economy is the simple fact that there is something approaching a bit of a jobs boom. With more jobs coming the way of British people, this means that there is more growth.

With more jobs comes more spending power, and we expect there to be even more jobs in the rest of 2015. While these jobs are not equally spread across all sectors, there are plenty of encouraging signals in many industries. Manufacturing is one of them, for example.

So there are three areas in which the UK economy is apparently looking up. We would most certainty have not expected these three signs to be this obvious just a few years ago, but it is clear that things are changing. If ever you needed to feel more optimistic about the way the country is handling it’s finances, these signs are it.

All we need now is even more growth in 2016. It’s possible, especially with this kind of groundwork behind it all.

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