Two Ways Start-Ups Can Attract Media Coverage

The challenge startups face is establishing their place in the industry. Being an unknown brand, with an unknown face and team can make it near impossible for people to pay attention despite how worthwhile the product or services are. There are ways to create buzz online and on traditional platforms, but fostering brand recognition is through media coverage. Startups don’t have the budget required to advertise and aren’t therefore able to keep up with the big leagues.

While it might be difficult, getting your brand covered in the media gives your brand visibility. If you’re a company comparing insurance quotes, being media coverage will have more people gravitating toward your brand online and in other spaces. It gives an advantage over competitors as they’ll opt for a familiar name. People also tend to associate something being on the media for the right reasons as a trustworthy and reputable company to transact with. It is especially so if you’re covered for an extended period. As a startup, you’ll be able to attract more customers, talent to your company and even funding.

Reach out to journalists

If you’re in a small town, you can submit a press release or pitch to news outlets and other relevant channels available. The alternative, you can use PR sites that allow you to submit the content and hope to have it picked up by the various companies scouting for news or a feature. The release should contain a notable event coming up, or something groundbreaking that took places worthy of the public’s attention. The pitch can be a synopsis of how what you offer can potentially change lives and is beginning to. It’s not guaranteed, but it’s worth a try.

Pro tip: Tailoring your content toward specific journalist that covers your industry increases your chance of being covered or landing an interview. Creating rapport is your best bet.

Partner with local events or start your own

Another way to get your brand noticed is through partnering with other brands that, collectively, can get you featured on the news. Having your brand mentioned among partners will generate some curiosity. Where possible, you can sign up for speaking engagements or other roles that attract attendees to you such as having an interactive stand. Branding is critical if anyone is to know who you are.

If your budget allows, you can host an event and invite the locals to attend. It could be a charity drive with a partner organization you’re working with or a promotion that offers free samples. You can have a media kit ready should a news outlet decide to stop by after hearing buzz about your event.


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