Tips For Getting Noticed In The Company

While it is unfair, the reality is you cannot get rewarded for what people know nothing about, no matter how genius it is. If you work in a firm and are frustrated with the fact that management cannot seem to see your efforts, perhaps it is time to do things differently. The fact remains as this; it is the people doing exceptional things in the company that do get promoted or get bonus rewards.

Let’s explore what you can shift to get the recognition you know you deserve for your hard work.

Being likable, and empathetic

You could be the most hardworking person in the company, but if people are unable to gel with you, then it is likely you will be stuck in the same place for a long time. Charisma is one of the things that set people apart, and it is a quality that attracts people. It shouldn’t matter what your title is; a project coordinator at a toy company or a cross border tax specialist, both ought to be likable. However, that is not enough. Getting people to like you is easy enough, especially when you employ manipulation as a tactic. What would be better than being liked is being empathetic. If the team members and supervisor feel that you care for their greater good and that of the company, you will have more people rallying behind you.

Campaign, but silently

There might appear at first glance a contradiction, but there is more to it. As mentioned, if management and your team members do not see and feel the impact of what you do, you are less likely to get that coveted promotion or pay rise. Therefore, while there are subtle ways to get noticed, it ought to be coupled with silent observation. The reason that is important is that when you do finally have the platform to speak, even on a one-to-one, you can show an intimate grasp of the subject matter, something people appreciate.

Go beyond

Whether in your job description or a project, ensure that you go beyond what is asked of you. That is what makes you indispensable in a team. When people come to expect a certain quality from you, it should equally serve as a way to challenge yourself to be better. Using such an approach is an indication that you are a forward thinker and are focused on the long term goal; having your eye on the price. Sure, you might experience moments of burnout or frustration, but as always, good deeds do not go unnoticed.

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