Three tips for kicking complacency and advancing your career

New jobs are often exciting, but once a pattern kicks in, it becomes increasingly likely to become complacent. It grows, even more, when there is low morale due to personal or work relates stresses that tend to plague us all. How then does a person remain motivated and pushing forward in their career?

Grow your career

Don’t wait to get another job or even client to be better at your craft. There are steps that you can take in your current position to enhance your skills and also add value to the company. Both the owner and employer of a Qualified Small Business Corporation can take active steps to career growth. When one does that, it is likely that an employer will look to negotiate your contract to have you stay. Improving your craft can be done some ways; you can take part-time classes, enroll an online course, attend training and workshops, visit your local library and borrow books about your trade or get a mentor. The fundamental principle is to implement knowledge acquired in your current role.


The aspect of networking can be exhausting to many people whose personality does not make them keen on attracting attention to themselves. Having small talk can cause some social anxiety, and one can find it hard to keep in touch with acquaintances. An aspect that can create a shift for this demographic is that either way, people are always looking at what you do therefore making an effort to network makes all the difference.

You can start by joining networking groups in your field and attend events. Not all will suit your needs, but you’re likely to find a community where you are comfortable enough and can engage with like-minded individuals. It may take time, but it is well worth it in the end. Ensure that your social media, specifically LinkedIn, is updated and professionally highlights your resume. A human resource manager may come across it and choose to hire you.

Be bold

Asking for a raise or promotion is still an uncomfortable issue for many. It requires having confidence in oneself and taking steps to get there. Your bargaining chip can be how you add value to your current role paired with industry research of others on your level. It takes self-belief to be bold in one’s asking, an aspect that one needs to cultivate. Begin with stating down all your qualifications and achievements to give you a boost in your confidence.

Wrap up

Career advances primarily take place when self-improvement in one’s job and belief in oneself merge. Should both these aspects not bring satisfaction then you ought to ask yourself if you’re in the right career or if you got sidetracked.

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