The worst offending tools and materials in DIY

Unfortunately home improvement is not just a bank holiday thing. All year round we are trying to create master-pieces out of our homes. There’s little danger in that, surely? Well not when you see that nearly 200,000 people are injured every year doing DIY.

The Offending Tools

You would think that most accidents occur with some major machinery but it is the handheld devices which record the majority of injuries.

Knives and Scalpels

Taking a sharp knife in your hand to do any kind of DIY seems to be the primary cause of accidents and injuries. There are over 20,000 reported accidents involving these tools every year.


The traditional bastion of home DIY; the saw accounts for around 15,000 accidents every year in British homes. We all have one and we all think we know how to use it because we did Wood Tech at school. However, less Dovetail joints are being created than finger joints are being injured.


Unlike the knives and saws, you wont find a grinder in every tool box. They are not your usual kit and most people stay away from them, yet they still accumulate 6,500 accidents a year. The worrying thing about a grinder accident is that there is no such thing as a small grinder injury. They are fierce weapons if mis-handled.

The Offending Materials

Unfortunately it is not just our tools which cause us accidents. There’s a shocking amount of recorded accidents due to the materials we use in DIY.


It is going to be the most common material any of us will use to try and do a spot of DIY at home. It seems the easiest to use and to create wonderful artworks out of. It also appears to be the easiest way of injuring yourself, with 30,000 accidents reported last year.

Paving and Concrete Blocks

Who would have guessed that huge lumps of heavy rock-like substances would be able to cause us pain and create 20,000 accidents in a year. Whether it is from dropping one on a foot and breaking bones or injuring a back by badly lifting a paving slab.


There’s a high degree of comical value in seeing someone hurt themselves when hammering in a nail. It seems to be the classic Tom and Jerry effect, but in real life, there is nothing funny about the 15,000 accidents last year.

It appears that injuries and accidents happen all the time to people doing DIY. Is it just a hazard of the job or is something wrong with the way we are doing it? If you have been injured and it wasn’t your fault, then you should get in touch with Slater and Gordon and see if they can help you.

Accidents don’t have to happen. You shouldn’t be risking your life or limb just because you want to put up a new shelf or decorate the bathroom.

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