The Three Ps that Every Business Needs to Know for Success

In this highly competitive climate, having your business stand out from the masses is absolutely essential for its success. Yet, this can be quite hard to do. Every method has been, to an extent, already tried, tested and employed by businesses around the globe. But even the largest companies trip up when it comes to the basics, and the basics are what we’re going to discuss today.


Personalised Produce

Customers love personalisation. This doesn’t mean you need to go out of your way to produce a unique product for every customer, but it does mean they need to believe you have. Use of cookies to remember shopping baskets, personalised deals that are mailed to them based on shopping history, or even just having their name at the top of an automated mail system all contribute towards this sense of personalisation. Personalisation will lead to brand loyalty, which is integral to all successful businesses.

Contemporary Pre-eminence

To beat the competition, you do have to be better than them. Your product must be identifiably better at a glance, and you can use deals to contribute towards this. Utilise advertisement strategies like ‘bargain-value’ (two for the price of one), ‘scarcity’ (sale while stocks last) and emotive appeal (perfect for that special someone) to create a sales pitch that stands above the rest.

These deals will be compared and ranked by sites like Oddschecker, which compares the best online casino prices for customers from companies like William Hill and Sky Vegas. So, do some research in your field to ensure your deals are at the top of the tables.


Publicity and Media

Regardless of the size of your business, publicity is so important to success. So, look for the channels that are right for your business. Social media and high levels of communication with your clientele will put you above your competitors, but so too will advertising campaigns and publicity stunts which will get your name out and about.

Lastly, the best publicity you can have is that of customer reviews and recommendations, so make sure you manage and flaunt your good reviews, undertake customer surveys and quote your best clients at every opportunity.


These are the basics. Personalisation, pre-eminence and publicity are the big three. Take these tenets with you, apply them at every turn and you’ll soon see increasing success for your business.

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