The Cars Auto Insurance Companies Love

Though the cost of your car insurance will depend on a number of factors, including your driving history, one way in which you may reduce the cost is to be careful about your choice of car.    

Car insurance groups

All cars are assigned an insurance group by the Group Rating Panel, which includes representatives of the Association of British Insurers and the Lloyds Market Association. Each new model of car is assigned one of fifty insurance groups, with “1” being the least expensive to insure and “50” being the most expensive.

pexels-photo-97079Key factors considered

When assigning a car to a group, a range of factors are taken into consideration, including the overall price of the car, the cost of replacing parts and the likely time taken to complete repairs. Safety and security are also important factors considered.

High performance pays a penalty

In addition, the cars’ performance is considered when assigning a car to an insurance group. You’ve guessed it; higher performance cars cost more. However, there are a few car models that consistently come up as cost effective to insure. Here’s our overview of some of the best models to choose:

The Toyota Yaris triumphs

The award-winning Toyota Yaris is a top contender when it comes to finding the cheapest car insurance-wise, due to its low cost, and highly rated safety features. What’s more, it’s dependable, practical and easy to handle too, so what’s not to love? Not only should it help reduce your insurance costs, but it will be cheap to run too. All-in-all, you can see why it was awarded European Car of the Year and now accounts for a sizable proportion of all Toyota sales.

The Kia Rio rises

Need a family car? Then the Kia Rio could be the answer if you want a five-door car with reasonable passenger and storage space. Yes, it’s likely to prove cost-effective to insure, and your running costs should be reasonable too, plus it comes with a seven year warranty, which is reassuring.   

Vauxhall Corsa vies for position

The Vauxhall Corsa Hatchback is a top selling car, and its popularity is no mystery when you consider its quality, economy, practicality and well-thought out design. Yes, we mention it here, because once again it’s a car auto insurance company’s love. However, this is a car that not only makes sense because of its cost-effective price and insurance but for its reliable performance too.    

The SEAT Mii surpasses expectations

Need to drive in London? Then look to the SEAT Mii for a car that’s particularly ecologically sound. Choose the “ecomotive” model and not only should it help keep your insurance costs down, but you’ll save on your road tax and London congestion charges too – yes this outstanding car is exempt from both – so you’ll save the pennies and pounds. It could be the ideal city run around for you.  

The Ford Ka+ catches our eye

Surprisingly spacious and comfortable for a relatively small and low-cost car – the Ford Ka+ is nimble, good to handle and stable too. This car is practical and dependable, rather than remarkable, but shouldn’t let you down when it comes to running and insurance costs.  

Up, up and away with the Volkswagen Up

The Volkswagen Up has won many plaudits, and you can see why with its excellent fuel economy, low running costs, class-leading drive quality and swish design. The suspension is better than in similar cars providing you with a smooth journey, plus the steering is both precise and sensitive, making it a car that’s easy to handle (and park) about town. The Volkswagen Up stands up very well when compared to its competitors; in fact, it’s a car that stands head and shoulders above the rest with its top-notch engineering, design and cost-effectiveness.    

Our pick of the bunch

So there you have a few recommendations for cars that may help keep your insurance costs to a minimum, with some of the makes and models mentioned above in insurance group 1. Once you’ve found your car of choice, then speak to an experienced insurance broker, like the team at Call Wiser to find the right car insurance for you.

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