The Best New Office

We have just moved offices. Over a year ago we were all called to a big company meeting, where the big boss told us all about the plans. We were going to be moving thirty minutes down the road to another town.

It was going to be a purpose built, technologically superior, all singing and dancing office. He told us about the subsidised staff canteen, the free-to-use gym and the abundant car park. It all sounded brilliant.

Our competitors and our clients are all located within a three-mile circle of where our new office is. It makes great sense for the business. Our clients will benefit from the easier access and quicker solutions to their needs. Our suppliers will find it easier to deliver, as the office is literally two minutes off the motorway.

The only snag for us workers, is that the office is thirty minutes away and that’s thirty minutes without the morning traffic. We are all facing a good forty-minute addition to our journeys.

To be fair to what we were promised, it has matched and exceeded everything we were told. The car park makes life easy when we do get to work. I’m no longer having to hunt around the local streets in the vain hope that there will be a spot somewhere. I can even pop out to the shops at lunch and know that I will be able to quickly park my car back into a space right outside the office. It might seem completely inconsequential to most people, but that’s a huge headache removed from my day.

When Pall Mall Estates were finding our new office, we asked for more room around our desks and that no-one was going to be forced into a small cupboard. It’s really nice to know that we were listened to and our office is an open-plan and airy space. No-one feels hemmed in and we all have elbow room, which is a huge change from where we were before.

The drive is going to get boring, but the perks of the new office are far out-weighing this right now. We’ll see what time does to us, but so far this feels like a good move for both the company and us, the workers.

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