The Benefits of Sending a Newsletter

It used to be a Christmas tradition: you would open the cards from friends and family and there would be a newsletter waiting for you with all the latest goings-on and shenanigans. It would light up the day.

A lot has changed since those days and newsletters are now more common than once a year. They form a vital part of the business model and, if used correctly, can really make a positive impact on a business.



The Merits of Sending a Newsletter

The newsletter can be used in about a thousand different ways and they all have their respective merits. In general, there are five high quality uses for a newsletter, which will generate a positive interaction with the customer.

  1. Keep your company name in the minds of your customers
  2. Spread your advertising message for free
  3. Create exclusive offers for your members
  4. Remind your customers about an upcoming event
  5. Introduce the latest general offers and sales

Being Interactive

Even though we have all the tools of the modern world at our fingertips, it is becoming increasingly harder to reach out and have a positive interaction with every one of our customers. Social media is great for a while, but messages get contorted and twisted and you can only reach a small fraction of your entire customer base.

Email newsletter software¬†allows you the time to compose and articulately present your company’s thoughts, ideas and products in a controlled environment. It still gets sent to all of your customers, but you know they will actually receive it and at the very least have a look at the message you are trying to get across to them.

Create a Lasting Impression

Having a message flick up on your screen for a couple of seconds is far inferior to having an email land in your inbox, addressed to you and personalised to your specific interests. The email is there for you to look at when you are ready and you can go back to it time and time again.

Using a Newsletter provider like will allow you to create the perfect newsletter and to track the progress of your campaigns. It will reach your users on an individual basis and the look alone will be enough to intrigue them into reading your every word and sales pitch.

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