Starting A Business? Consider The Furniture Industry

If you need a good idea for a startup, then consider selling furniture. It’s something there’s always be a demand for- homes, hotels, offices, and all other kinds of places need furnishing. It’s also growing, with a surge in demand for flat-pack furniture in recent years. You could fill the gap in the market.

A furniture business can be risky. Furniture is expensive, so starting up will take a lot of funding and investment. However, if you make the right moves, it can be particularly financially rewarding. If you’re considering starting a furniture business, here are some important things to consider.

What Kind Of Furniture?

There’s a lot of options for kinds of furniture to sell. You could focus on supplying home furniture, garden furniture or office furniture to name a few. Do some market research on the area you plan to operate in. Maybe there’s a lot of businesses nearby. Perhaps it’s a tourist destination with lots of hotels. Make your furniture suited to what local customers will need.

There’s also the issue of how to get your stock. You can get in contact with furniture suppliers and manufacturers to make a deal. Another option is to turn to local craftsmen. Carpenters would be happy to create stylish tables, chairs and other such furniture for the right price.

One of the easiest ways to operate a furniture business is buying and selling second-hand furniture. Furniture is hard for people to sell or get rid of themselves, so it’s easy to buy low and sell high.

Shipping and Delivery

Transportation is a big issue in the furniture business. First of all, you’ll need a way to transport furniture from suppliers. You may need a warehouse to send some stock to. Of course, you’ll also need to handle personal deliveries. You won’t be able to take furniture down to the local post office, so you’ll need to use alternative shipping methods.

As opposed to regular couriers, you might need to look into freight transportation. Freight transportation is usually used for hauling large and heavy loads. Flat-pack furniture can be delivered in freight parcels for ease of transportation. Freight vehicles can also handle regular furniture. Freight transportation companies can also send your items overseas. Look into services like EON Logistics European road freight.

For smaller shipments, you may also want company moving vans. These can load, deliver, and unload furniture for customers.


There are many advertising and promotional methods which furniture stores make good use of.

Since furniture is often expensive, many furniture sellers offer constant sales. This means selling furniture below its general RRP in order to attract more customers. You should also offer financing plans. For large furniture purchases, many people won’t be able to pay all in one go. Offering monthly payments will lead to more sales.

You should also have displays on your premises. Showing how furniture can go together can be a good way to upsell. Customers might decide to buy a whole living room set instead of just one sofa.

Be sure to make use of common digital marketing methods, such as SEO and social media. This can help you appeal to your target demographic.

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