Public Speaking Courses in London

We design and deliver tailored Public Speaking Course using communication techniques developed by actors so that your team members will overcome nerves and habits to become confident, memorable speakers.

In this practical and enjoyable Public Speaking Course your team will work alongside an experienced actor and business coach. They will learn the art of preparing and delivering a speech, understanding how to structure engaging content as well as warming up the voice and body to support the delivery of their message. Your team will build greater confidence to speak with personality and clarity. This course is specially designed for people like you who really want to step up their game and make an impact when they speak in public whether that’s at a meeting, at a dinner, or at a large conference in a theatre or lecture hall.

We believe the importance of public speaking extends beyond a work presentation, meeting or a one-off occasion. Public speaking is a practice that extends to every day life where we should feel utter freedom in expressing ourselves without holding ourselves back because of what other people might think. We’re shaking things up in the public speaking world in London with a course that is fun, interactive and effective designed for people who want to dump the fear and be themselves.

Working with one of our performance and business communication skills specialists, during our workshop you will learn:

  • The best communication techniques for an engaging performance
  • How to structure engaging presentations that pack a punch
  • How to embrace a unique style of communication that will set you apart
  • Effective strategies for delivering big messages to big audiences
  • Practical vocal exercises that will enable you to project with confidence
  • Feel at ease and use warm and confident body language
  • Train your voice to project to a larger audience with clarity
  • Explore techniques for responding to audience questions quickly and confidently

There are many public speaking courses in London that you can enroll in. These days, public speaking is not just about having the confidence and the courage to stand in the spotlight. Classes are more specialized and customized to suit different people’s profession and proficiency.

Your voice not only delivers your message – it can say a lot about you. Like it or not, people make judgments based on the way you communicate; in short, your professional success will depend on your speaking skills. Our Voice Training programme is designed for both native and non-native speakers of English.


These are some topics that a good public speaking course might cover:

— Oratories: These are traditional speeches given in front of an audience, usually from a podium or stage.
— Presentations: These speeches may include a demonstration or visual aids in order to instruct or make a point about some topic.
— Interviews: Most people would benefit form a chance to improve their interviewing skills.
— Debate: Can you argue your point of view in a meeting or organization? Getting some tips and practice should help you.

For many the idea of public speaking can be scary. Yet the ability to deliver your message by speaking in public is an important way to share your ideas, grow your confidence, and even support your business goals.

Confident public speaking is a skill that everyone can master with a little practice and encouragement.

If you are an entrepreneur, coach, professional or have a special occasion speech approaching, I have public speaking coaching tailored to you. Through personal direction, you’ll not only master skills, you’ll discover and refine your presentation style. You’ll even be able to watch this style develop through videotapes of your presentations. And the videotape is yours to keep and use when you find yourself in need of a refresher course!

The key to any successful personal address is the content. We can help you to structure a speech, select the best language, master the art of persuasion and make good use of stories and case studies – everything you need to make a really compelling presentation that will engage and persuade your audience.

Whether you are the one presenting or you are writing for someone else, our training will help you and your company to be become more effective and engaging presenters.



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