Pivoting to Work From Home

The whole world has recently discovered the benefits and the pitfalls of working from home. What was once seen by many as the excuse for a long weekend, the tides have quickly changed.

Working from home has many huge benefits when it is done right. Creating the right environment, settling into a professional mindset and ensuring you have complete concentration on the job at hand, are all key to this success.

Set up an office space to create that feeling of going to work. It doesn’t have to be a custom-built office with four drop-down monitors. It doesn’t even need to be all that professional looking, but it does need to be more than just the couch and a fireplace with kiln dried logs. A desk and office chair are the fundamentals. Have space for a cup of coffee on the side and room to put your paperwork. Working from home is not about sacrificing your normal habits, it is about small compromises which make your day better.

Have a routine which helps to get you into the mindset. Even if you didn’t ever recognise it, the morning commute was your way of getting yourself mentally ready for walking into the office. It was the time you allowed your brain to slowly build up, so that when you finally sat at your desk, you were ready for the deluge of emails. Whilst the commute may only be ten yards right now, make sure you have a drink and some breakfast before launching into the Reply All game and wake up properly.

Finish work on time to make the most of home life. If you are sat at the desk all day and having to distance yourself from family, in the evenings you must focus on doing the exact opposite. Leave the office at your normal time, go and say hi to the family, play games, cook dinner and generally give them your attention. We should not ever let work become our only focus of the day. The family are much more important.

Have a mental break from it all and make sure you keep your brain active. During an extended period of working from home, you need to find new hobbies and activities which stimulate your brain. Some people will try to learn a new language or a new instrument, others will take up video games. Finding a good game to play and make money at the same time, will be a winner in any household. Betting Sites 24 will show you a wide range of online casino’s you can sign up for with some amazing introductory bonus offers.

We’re not living in a normal business as usual world right now. Nearly every office block in the world is sitting empty waiting for us to return. During this time, we need to make sure that we are still being productive and there’s an office to go back to when it all clears up. Setting up the rules around working from home, is one way to ensure success.

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