PC3K Data Recovery

Recovering important or potentially sensitive data can represent a real challenge in these modern times. This partially arises from the veritable “alphabet soup” of file types currently on the market. Data Recovery Specialists provides bespoke services 365 days a year, so any pertinent issues can be addressed within a timely fashion. In terms of specificity, our team of professionals offers second-to-none services; particularly when referring to rather delicate formats. The PC3K framework is a perfect example of this versatility. What are PC3K files used for and how can we aid in the recovery process itself?

PC3K Files at a Glance

PC3K files are RAM files associated with a flash format. They are generally used within the field of audio production. Common examples include recording and modifying tracks created by a synthesizer. One of the challenges associated with PC3K data recovery involves the information contained within the file itself. Examples include:

  • Up to 32 audio layers per file.
  • 128-voice polyphony.
  • 16-part multi-timbrality.
  • Unique audio formats.

So, it should be clear that there will be many times when standard recovery techniques are not viable solutions for more complicated projects. This is when our team of experienced technicians can help.

The Assessment and Recovery Processes

The assessment team at Data Recovery Specialists will first analyse as many as 30 hard drives at a given time; ideal when tackling catastrophic crashes and similar cascading failures. Once this examination has been completed, the condition of the media will be determined; enabling the team to predict the chances of a full recovery. The customer can thereafter make a decision based upon this initial assessment.

Once the process has been deemed a viable option, the physical recovery will thereafter begin. This is carried out in conjunction with cutting-edge technologies such as clean rooms, spare hardware, spider board adaptors designed for PC3K formats and data extraction tools. Although this will normally address the majority of recovery issues, there can still be instances when a severe corruption has been detected.

In such an event, our specialists will progress to “Stage Three”. This next step essentially involves the bespoke and proprietary development of specific software and hardware. Please note that we can also address damaged legacy data. Although this step can take a significant amount of time, it is often preferred when compared to permanently losing sensitive information.

Assuming that the information has been successfully restored, it will be compared to a cloned image in order to verify its authenticity. It is then sent to an external device for temporary storage until the client downloads the contents.

Reliable Recovery Services When Needed the Most

Data Recovery Specialists takes a great deal of pride in the ability to restore the vast majority of corrupted files. If you would like to access the expertise of our trained specialists, please contact us as soon as possible. There is simply no replacement for targeted solutions and our ISO-accredited organisation is always here to help.

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