Out-of-the-Box Ways of Entertaining your Clients and Investors

Last week, we had an agile developer in the office for meetings that would last three days. Naturally, he wasn’t going to spend the three days in the boardroom and so we had to make new plans for his stay to reduce monotony.

While making a schedule, we came up with these thoughts. After talking business in the boardroom, you can take things outside.

A Walk in the Park

If you have been having meetings all morning, it doesn’t hurt to break the monotony by walking down the park to stretch your muscles as well as discuss some more in the fresh air. You will want to be done with the business or finance part of things in the house then discuss strategy while out there. The outdoors inspire people, so who knows what you could come up with?

Let them Explore

If a group of investors is visiting and you would want them to see more of your town for the growth opportunities around, then arrange for them to go round even as you work. Have someone show then the best places in your neighborhood including restaurants and game reserves. Local attractions are not only entertaining but they are also great for swaying minds.

While at it, check the listings for art and musical performances and book tickets of your guests are the kind that would be interested in that stuff. Literary salons and galleries have also scored highly as places to take your investors to get them talking and making more connections.

Break a Sweat

If your guests are into working out, ask them how they feel about a hike or bike ride into the jungle. Others would not mind getting tested in spin class or yoga and when you think about it, anyone would rather break a sweat than expend their waistline with cocktails and fattening food.  

After that, head on to a dry bar to have your hair washed, dried, and scalps massaged. Nothing feels better than a workout than a clean head that has been pampered a little too.

Cook and Eat

Are your guests interested in cooking or food as a whole? You may want to interest them with a cookout where they get their hands dirty and then later sit down to discuss business over the meal they made. It is interesting because it is different from what they are used to and they could be talking about it for a while.

Just do what you can

Hosting business partners is nerve-racking especially when you want to charm some money out of them, but it can be simple yet mind-blowingly successful. Whether you have a large budget that allows you to be lavish or a small one as you are only starting out, your ability to make them feel at home will determine the outcome. That and your pitch. Being as business meetings are not what they used to be – all formal – they can be taken out of the boring boardroom. Be unique.

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