Need Customers? Make Your Business Trustworthy

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People don’t want to hand over their hard-earned cash to just anyone. They need to be reassured, somehow, that you’re worth handing money over to. Of course, the best way to do this is to offer an amazing product or service. But there are some less obvious areas you also need to think about. If you want more customers.

The human side of business
Consumers have been becoming more and more cynical for a long time now. It’s definitely reached a peak recently that some businesses are having trouble dealing with. This is why it’s important that your business doesn’t look like just another “faceless corporation”. People should see your business and want to interact with it. Maybe you seem friendly. More concerned about ethics than other companies. Funnier.


One of the problems here is that the best way of getting this across is through interaction with your customers. But what if you don’t have any yet? Well, this warmth and personality is something you can easily get across on your website. Personality-driven copywriting could be just what you need.  

Looking more serious

Of course, showing a warmer, more human side to your business doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t also be looking serious. If you don’t look credible or professional to a prospective customer, then they’re going to be turned off. One of the problems here is that the way you do the business itself may very well be the most professional way in your field. But some people will be turned off if you don’t look like you’re going to be that professional. Simply put, if your business looks too casual, then people will have a hard time putting their trust in you.


So what exactly am I referring to, here? Well, it’s something that is going to affect small businesses a lot more than bigger ones. I’m talking about really small businesses that don’t have a formal working place. Maybe you’re working from home, for example. So the means of contacting you may be limited to your home address and a mobile number. Problem: customers don’t much like contacting you through either of those means. So look into a way of getting a more professional virtual address. You should also consider looking into landline mobile numbers.

Customer feedback

People want to be able to see exactly what other people think about your business. When you’re in the early stages, it’s vital that you get positive testimonials on your website. Smaller businesses won’t always have pages on websites dedicated to customer reviews. So you should consider making the feedback of your customers easily accessible on your website. While this is important, you shouldn’t overestimate the impact this will have. After all, many customers will know that you wouldn’t upload the negative feedback to your website for all to see!


Of course, if you’re not getting anything but negative feedback, then this isn’t going to work out very well for you! If customer responses tend to lean towards I HATE YOU GIVE ME MY MONEY BACK!, then don’t go putting that on your testimonials page. In fact, it sounds like you need to do some serious overhauling of your business in general!

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