My New Office Is Tomorrow’s Dream

It has been a while since I have changed jobs. When I say a while I think I should explain that I haven’t moved employers since I started working. So when I thought about moving on from my comfort zone and heading out in to the real world, it was a massive decision.

I was entirely comfortable going about my daily business. The stresses were there, just like they would be in any other job, but I knew what they were and I knew they would be gone soon. It was almost too easy to just keep turning up for work every day and cashing the cheque at the end of the month.

So easy, that when I started to look around, I almost immediately found something which really piqued my interest. It wasn’t the fact that it was for a bigger organisation, or a better salary, but purely that I could see the challenge in the job. It would be a battle to get results every day and I wouldn’t be sleep walking through my days. 
Within days of even seeing the advert, I was sat in a ‘chill out room’ waiting for my interview. I’d been shown around the open plan office with hot desking. The different work zones were decorated in a completely unique fashion, so as I walked from the creative department’s areas filled with sensory stimulus and toys, I knew when I was in the sales team’s area. The music was different, the jukebox was the centre of the room and it didn’t feel like a work place.

I was guided passed the gym, the cafe and the table-tennis room. These weren’t selling points to the staff who clearly took it all for granted. They hadn’t worked for the last ten years in an office where office doors were shut and you didn’t dare think to put anything non-company branded on your desk.

The biggest selling point for me was the whole flexi-time and work from home aspect of the job. All of the laptops were secured via finger prints, the door ways were automatically unlocked when your staff pass was within a few feet of them. It meant that as long as you did your hours, no-one in the company cared when you did them.

The bosses all knew that you were either in the building or you had logged on from home and you were trusted to be working and delivering results. It was the complete opposite to the extremely old fashioned world I had emerged from.

Even to the point of using Citation HR services for booking holidays and absence. I could just log my holiday requests and then the boss would approve them. I didn’t need to go to anyone and beg to have some days off.

This how office of the future was a very different place. I can’t even start to think about how the place will look in ten year’s time. The only thing I am sure of, is that it will not look anything like it does today.

The future is here!

the-future-of-the-office-infographic (1)

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