Most Beneficial Careers Of 2019

Navigating the career landscape is not always straightforward. Some people opt to get into jobs that promise to be lucrative yet beneficial to communities. Below are five careers to consider taking up in 2019 if you are looking for a career change. It may require starting from undergraduate particular if you are in an unrelated field such as family law or politics.

Technology experts

Technology is vital in any brand’s success, and companies are no longer sparing costs. Whether as a software developer or engineer or consultant, there are plenty of managerial positions in companies looking to get ahead. One can work as a business advisor from a technological perspective, or suggest or even develop software that meets the company’s needs, whether internal or external. New technology is always on the rise, and someone who can help a company navigate this landscape is valued.


Data from the World Bank indicates the ratio of teacher to student in primary schools has declined since the 1970s. However, in 2017 there was a spike, one that is expected to rise. The cause is the importing of labor by foreign countries aiming to bridge the gap in their countries. Data is available to guide person interested in teaching career what states and subjects are lucrative.

A general practitioner or specialist

The need for GPs or family doctors remains high, as globally there is a ratio of almost 1500 patients to one doctor according to the World Bank. The ration varies based on country, with developing nations, particularly those in Africa, the ratio ranging between 20,000 and 30,000 per one physician according to data from Doctors of the World. Depending on our location, it is still something to consider as shortages vary without a country as well. Specialists are even harder to come by and thus attract higher pay.

Physician assistants and nurses

There are those who prep patients before they see the physicians and are equally in need. In the same way, nurses can in the meantime deal with patient symptoms or injuries before they meet the physician based on doctor’s advice. These are also talented players in any hospital or clinics are they are often the first responders.


Along with the few doctors, there are equally fewer pharmacists. Whether working as a manager with a hospital or medical insurance companies, there is plenty of room in this field. In that position they overlook dispensing of medicines, coordinating with manufacturers and ensuring pricing regulations. As a pharmacist, one can administer medication, offer alternatives in the case of a shortage, and educate patients on drugs they are taking.

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