Making The Most Of Your Weekend

As we head further into adult life, we start to forget about all the little things we used to love as children. The big one was always the weekend and the freedom it gave us away from school and chores. Why then, do we forget to enjoy it as an adult? Here’s our list of the top ten things you could do with your weekend.

1. Explore the countryside

We live in one of the most beautiful places in the world. Our country changes in look, characteristics and even accents nearly every twenty miles, so you don’t have to go too far to find a new experience and a great walk through nature.
Head up to the Peak District or the Lake District and you cannot turn you head without catching sight of something stunning and making you wish that were a world class painter.


2. Bring back the old school board games

It is strange how as kids we would spend whole weekends playing Cluedo, Monopoly, Battleships and even Buckaroo. Yet now we need to read the instructions to remember which cards get put in the little envelope in the centre of the Cluedo board.
How have we let something which we enjoyed so much, slip completely outside of our common use.
Spend the weekend with a host of childhood memories and make buckets more.

3. Give the garden that masterpiece you have been dreaming of

There is very little in your garden which should take you longer than a weekend to create. A decking section, rockery, pond or even a whole new flower bed can all be created within the confines of a weekend.
Plan ahead and source all your materials beforehand, then you won’t need to waste any of your precious weekend time heading down to the local handyman shop and picking up some wood or the last few nails you forgot about.


4. Get fit

If you have spent the last year saying that you are going to start exercising more and eating healthier, then today is the day to do it. Tomorrow never works for anyone. It is this weekend that you will put on your running gear and head out around the block to run your first mile.
It might have been literally years since you last ran for anything, but today is the day that you start to move forward in your quest to be both healthier and fitter. If you are wondering where you could run, then PlotARoute allow you to not only plan where you want to run and see the distance and hills involved, but let you see what routes other people have run around your area.

5. Catch up on a good film

With our lives being filled with the constant flow of work, it is very rare that we find any time to go and enjoy a few hours of sitting down watching a film. Take the time to have some relaxing time, in a comfortable, dark room. A space where your outside world does not exist and there is no thought to work. The only worry you will have, is if your popcorn runs out before the trailers.


6. Support your local shops

People say that the local high street is failing. You will know from walking down the high street and the sheer volume of stores that are no longer there. If you spend this weekend walking around the high street which is just yards away from your home, you might not buy anything, but then if you do, the profit is going straight into a local business owners account. They aren’t some fat-cat investment share-holder who only cares about getting rich. They are your neighbour and worth every penny.

7. Cook up a storm

If you have ever watched The Great British Bake Off and thought that you would love to be able to cook a cake, then you need to start this weekend. Mary Berry has a delicious Victoria Sponge which is perfect for bakers who are just starting out on their baking quest.
It is one of the nicest cakes to eat, whilst also being a relatively simple recipe to follow.


8. Feel like James Bond

There are somethings in life that we know we will never get to experience. The life of a certain British Secret Service agent is one of those feelings. James Bond lives long in the heart and memories of every single British man. Unfortunately, the closest we will ever get is to play a little bit of poker, as no-one is going to give us a license to kill. If you are going to spend the weekend playing poker or any casino games, then the smartest way to do it, is to head to and find the sites which will offer you free play options.

9. Sleep in and enjoy

A lovely cup of hot, steaming tea in the morning with the duvet pulled right up and the curtains keeping the breaking daylight out of your private bedroom. A lay in is one of the really true great experiences in an adult’s life. It is a sign that you have progressed from childhood and now you have responsibilities to hide from. The longer you can spend in your nice warm bed, the longer you can push your jobs and task away for.

10. Get the chores done

In a weird twist of fate from number nine, spending the weekend achieving everything you have put off all week, is a great feeling. Waking up on Monday morning and knowing that all the washing, ironing, dusting, hoovering and every little bit of housework is done for the week, means that you can focus on the storm at your desk as you walk into the office.

Go ahead and make the most of your weekend. It is yours after all, so spend it doing exactly what you want to be doing.

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