Lifestyle getting better in all European countries

It is natural for people to aspire to a high standard of living. It usually increases with income and age.

Fortunately, the vast majority of countries in Europe have had a higher standard of living in recent years. Income in Sweden has risen above the average since 2005, but on the list of countries with a relatively good standard of living lies both Germany and Great Britain.

A high standard of living means that more households have more money to spend, which contributes to increased consumption. Increased consumption doesn’t need to be something negative. This means, in many cases, that you can get something extra, that little special thing that you dreamt of buying. Or you can simply get a better way of life with a higher income.

A good lifestyle can be expensive

A good lifestyle can mean different things depending on where you are in the world, and at what point you are in life.

Sweden is known to have high wages on average compared with the rest of Europe, except for some countries such as Norway. On the other hand, it is mostly relatively expensive in Sweden, for things such as cost of living, food, movies, travel and alcohol.

The biggest expense is accommodation, which, despite being cheap at the moment and at a lower interest rate, usually devours about half of the monthly budget. However, the Swedes think good living is a big part of a good and comfortable lifestyle and don’t mind paying for it. They would much rather deduct other expenses, such as nightlife, for example.

auto-431122_640It’s not just in Denmark that cosiness, hygge, has become popular. Even the Swedes like it, but instead, it’s called att mysa. Perhaps it’s the next lifestyle trend that hits Europe?

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Germans pleased with their lifestyle

Unlike Sweden, Germany is known to have Europe’s lowest youth unemployment. It is evident in the German lifestyle, like nightlife, which plays a big social role among young people. Not strange considering that prices, such as accommodation for example, in relation to income are still comparatively low.

One or two nights out doesn´t mean you have to struggle financially to survive the rest of the month. In addition, health care is free of charge for a citizen of Germany or German citizen living in another EU country.

Britons pay more in bigger cities

In Britain, both lifestyle and income can differ quite significantly from the metropolitan area to smaller cities and rural areas. Greater London is considered one of the world’s megacities and an economic engine to count on. It generates as much money per year as the rest of Great Britain together.

Generally speaking, wages are much higher in London than the rest of the country, but it also costs much more to live in London. Assume that half of your salary goes to the rent. The other half of the salary usually goes to food, transportation and recreation.

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