I’ve Found The Right One

You know that moment during an interview when you ask that one question you really care about. It’s not the wage question, but a slightly left field question.

Well I had my interview about six months ago and for some unknown reason, they still asked me to start working with them as soon as possible. I mean, they had met me and still liked me. That’s not always the normal outcome.

I will always discuss the obvious issues of wages and promotion opportunities, but then I have always asked about working from home. Having been self-employed for years and working from my home office for longer than I’ve ever worked from an company’s office, it just makes sense to me.

When I broached the subject at my interview, the answer was pretty quick and seemed very logical. Once I had settled in and knew what I was doing in the way the company wanted me to work, then yes, I could work from home.

For the first month, I learnt the company lines, the company procedures and the way that this company liked things to be done. I had this down pat pretty quickly. I liked working at the office, the people were fun and as I was knew, I hadn’t become too involved in the politics of the whole place yet.

At this point I started to ask about being allowed to work from home and then I discovered that they had been waiting for me to ask again for the last three weeks.

It’s amazing the difference that allowing me to work from home does for my morale. If I do it on a Friday, then the weekend seems longer, my working week seems shorter and yet I still have a really productive Friday. I can achieve so much more, simply because I am sat alone, all by myself, in the peace and quiet of my own home office.

I still have the emails to answer and occasionally I will call into the office and speak to someone, but I’m generally left alone. My productivity levels sky rocket.

Being self-employed for a long time, I had browsed the web and seen all the sights which told me how to make the most of my time. It might seem illogical to spend five minutes on essentialskillz.com during my working hours, but that five minutes would save me hours every week.

Either I have chosen my current employer really well, or my current employer has chosen their employee really well. The work at home Friday’s have become an almost permanent thing and I have to say that it’s just as rewarding as having been given a pay rise. The difference to my quality of life is huge.

I’m not sure that anyone in the office really notices that I’m not sat at my desk. I’m still flooding them with emails and making sure that I’m on top of everything. So why would they ever bother to check where I physically am?

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