Job Without A Degree: Is It Possible?

Job without a degree, is it possible? For some time now it has been accepted that you can only get a good job if you have a degree. However, things have changed, and many people are finding that having a degree is not necessarily a prerequisite for a good and long-lasting career. In fact, some careers that are actually high paying jobs are available to people who do not have degrees. In this article we will look at some of the options available.

Technical Support

One of the most highly prized jobs available to someone who does not have a degree is a computer network support specialist. These are people who either help with network support via phonelines or who actually come into a place of work, for example, and offer technical support.

This is not a degree specific job necessarily, and this means that anyone who wants to pursue a career in this particular field can do so. It is very high paying too, with many people who work hard at this job and do well expecting salaries above 30 k a year.


People who work in the field of insurance, especially claims adjusters, are landing job without a degree with salaries well above 30k. These people often do not have a degree and this is even more evidence that having a degree does not have to be a prerequisite of a high salary.

Gain Experience

In fact it is arguable that a degree is not as valued as it used to be. In some professions, obviously, a degree is needed if you want to gain entry, but some of the highest paid jobs in the private sector do no have people with degrees in post.

This is a sign of the times; and is a direct result of the world of work changing dramatically over the last few years. The skills and experience required by employers are changing, and this has meant that more people can apply for roles, regardless of their education. Experience is also more important now than a pre-defined set of skills for many roles.

Job Without A Degree – Work Hard

For example, you can leave school with your basic qualifications, work your way up and find yourself joining the energy industry. Refinery operators are very highly paid individuals, and many of the people in senior roles in the industry are not degree-educated.

This is an interesting state of affairs and it shows how the industry is looking for hard work and talent rather than specific degrees.

job without a degree

And that is probably the most important aspect of the issue. People who work hard and do their very best to differentiate themselves through hard work are more likely to get a high paid job without a degree these days than those who have degrees and rest on their laurels.

There is more scope out there now for people to enter an industry without a high-level qualififctan.

This makes the employment arena more competitive, and it also means that employers have more options and choices when it comes to finding the right people for a job without a degree.

It is a time when the degree has become less important than the person behind the application, and this will only continue as industries become more sophisticated.

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