Is it possible to boost your CV without lying? 

Your CV is the first thing that a potential employer sees, and it has to be incredibly attractive to stand out from the crowd. But if we have a CV that doesn’t quite contain all the right requirements for a role, we have to do our very best to adapt it so that it still gets the attention we need it to.

But we can’t lie about our achievements and experience, so how do we make our CV even better than it is? How can we boost our CV so that it gives us the best chance of getting an interview? In this article, we will look at ways in which we can boost our CV without lying. There are a number of options available.

With so many jobs now being advertised online, and applications being made online, it makes sense to use keywords. This involves looking at the keywords the employer uses in the job advertisements, and using them as much as is reasonably possible in your CV.

This means it will stand out when an employer looks at it, because you will be seen as someone who is directly responding to the job ad, rather than just sending out the same CV to multiple employers. Using the keywords and the language that the ad does mean that you will have more chances of being picked up as a potential applicant.

If you have quantifiable accomplishments and achievements, you need to bring these forward in your CV. This means that if you have anything like a number you can place on an achievement, the employer needs it to be made clear.

If, for example, you saved your company a certain amount of money over the previous year, or indeed increased profits by a certain amount, you should make this clear in your CV. If you do this, the employer can see real value. It is a lot more effective than simply saying you made profits for your company. And it is also checkable stuff, which makes people sit up and take notice.

If there are any gaps in your CV then these need to be addressed clearly and honestly. This means looking at the gaps and giving clear reasons why they exist.

The clearer and fuller you are in your explanation, the better the result. People like to have absolute clarity when hiring, and this is your opportunity to show that you can be trusted when it comes to discussing your employment.

Basically, if you can make everything as clear as possible,and address issues, things will be fine. But perhaps the best piece of advice here is to ensure that you speak the same language as your prospective employer. The person who is looking at the CVs may well have written the ad, and this means they will be looking for someone who fits the specification they used.

So it is possible to boost your CV without lying, as long as you follow the tips outlined in this article.

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