Investor or Philanthropist: Why Not Both?

Investment is putting your money (in the form of bonds, shares or funds) into something like a business or service in the hopes that this will eventually turn out a profit for yourself. As a result, investments are generally regarded as self-serving acts rather than charitable ones. While there’s nothing wrong with wanting to make income for yourself, you could also turn your investments into an act of humanity if you so desired. But how exactly can you make money whilst also making a difference? Read on to find out how an investment can benefit everyone.

Funding Yourself

As the saying goes, how can you help anyone else if you can’t help yourself? This applies to both philanthropy and investments. You simply won’t have enough funding for others if you don’t have enough for yourself. So, first things first: ensure your investments can make you a profit. Do some market research to find out what industries or inventions are trending, and this will guide you in the right direction. Moreover, make sure you have an investment strategy and allocate your assets across the board with bonds, shares and funds. This will help protect your funding if some of your investments were to fall through. Also, if you’re investing in the stock market, try buying low and selling high. This will help you reap the maximum profit from your investments. Do the above things and you’ll find your philanthropy can also provide you with financial gain.

Funding the Economy

Your investments will supply businesses and companies with the funding they need to keep going. You’re aiding their growth, their resources, their production; you’re easing the costs of their overheads and helping employees to retain their livelihoods. So, it’s obvious how your investments can double up as an act of humanity. They boost the economy that we all rely on. Also, the more capital you pour into a business, the more likely the business is to succeed, thereby providing you with further capital. It’s symbiotic; you help one another to survive in equal measure.

Funding Humanitarian Companies

This is where you can become a real philanthropist with your investments. By doing market research, you can find what companies are developing technologies which aim to better the population at large. If you feel compelled by their cause and think there’s also potential to earn some profit for yourself, then this is the kind of company you need to be investing in. This is how you become both a successful philanthropist and investor. Take the example of Tej Kohli, a tech investor who recently supplied 2 million dollars to a teaching hospital of Harvard Medical School, so he could accelerate the development of treatments for corneal diseases. Furthermore, funding through investments can be better than giving donations to charity, because you have a lot more say in where the money will be going.

And there you have it. It’s clear how being an investor and being a philanthropist can be one of the same. Invest your money in something worthwhile and make a living out of helping others.

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