Illustrations: Why Your Business Needs Them

If you have read something back several times and concluded with a “what?” then it is safe to say that you understand the value of illustrations. As their name implies, it shows that the writer is saying, backing up the narrative of “show, don’t tell.” Illustrations are something businesses ought to embrace due to their ability to depict complex ideas or instructions. While an FAQ section aims to accurately explain the aspect that reads might be worried about or overlook, illustrations aim to get to the point without much funfair.

Harnessing the power of illustrations

Say you are looking up your favorite wholesale chicken wings retail shop online. What would you rather see; a 404 error or an illustration of a broke with parts of it falling apart? Even though a website is down, we tend to be more understanding of those that have an illustration indicating that something is wrong instead of those that have a generic auto response.

Illustrations are not only ideal when things are going wrong. They are ideal when you want to thank loyal customers or to address a concern that keeps coming up. They also show a personal touch that people appreciate especially when you come up with an illustration that is unique to your brand. It shows you understand who your customers are, what perfectly depicts them and hired a professional to come up with the illustration.

Another reason users appreciate illustrations is because people have shorter attention spans and less time to understand what your brand wishes to communicate. With an illustration, users, and customers, at a glance, can figure out what you are trying to say and make an instant decision. Ultimately, what your illustration is meant to do is be useful in giving an understanding of your product or the feature you wish to explain.

A happy brand

There is something about a brand that puts its best foot forward that impresses people. When you have illustrations, you articulate to your followers that you have a brand personality and you are keen on connecting with them on a human level. They also help paint the brand in a positive light in an overall context; people feel they can trust you more when you feel and appear more human. The reason for that is that images add a level of relatability that words are not able to bring.

Getting an illustration means you have to invest in getting one that captures who you are. It requires great consideration as it is not something that you use once and move on but has to carry with it an underlying theme. Therefore, you ought to give it the seriousness it deserves.

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