How We Ignore The Brain’s Power

An episode out of House called “Airborne” in the third episode of season eighteen was enough to make us give our minds a subtle side-eye. The idea that we can think we have something we don’t have and the mind manifests the same is a scary idea. However true it might be, such things depicted in pop culture start to make sense.

Is your mind working against you?

Small talk before surgery is enough to get it canceled if you have a negative outlook of what you are to undergo. The evidence that those who think positively about their cancer diagnosis tent do live longer is typical of the narrative, long after science and research ascertained it. In the era of Google, we ought to be careful of the thoughts we subject our bodies to.

We do not fall into wrong thinking because we particularly are pessimistic but because we have minimal understanding of what our minds can do. Funny yet worrisome examples are those of getting insurance brokers GTA has hired to get us covered for things we do not need just because we perceive they would happen. Though to a smaller degree, we are no different from those that stock up bankers in anticipation for D Day.

Developing self-awareness

For some, being a ray of sunshine is almost automatic. For others, it takes a lot more. However, having the awareness that you are capable of sabotaging yourself based on things that do not exist should be what we need to remain sane. However, it is impossible to build on our self-awareness without knowledge. We ought to perhaps get neck deep into content that expounds on ourselves and the people we are.

The idea that we are going about life without proper awareness is somewhat scary in that we are almost left to your harmful devices. Given that depression is at an all-time high globally, we cannot afford to assume the thoughts we have are ‘normal.’ While it is not a call to become a monk that sells their Ferrari, there is needed an honest about the fact that our minds are in dis-order.

That is perhaps where the name comes from; the mind is pulled and scatter in various ways that it is unable to exist in its actual capacity. However, picture a mind that collaborates with you. It is one that lets you know when you are at your best and when you need the nudge to make a change. Such a mind is the ally that we all ought to push for if we don’t want our minds working against us.


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