How to Successfully Promote Your Company’s 0800 Number

A 0800 number can be a huge asset to your business and if you don’t already have one then its well worth giving it some serious consideration. Essentially, it is a memorable number that allows your local business to appear to have a national presence, meaning that your customers are far more likely to pick up the phone. With the recent growth in smartphone usage, this makes 0800 numbers an attractive option but only if you know how to advertise your number correctly.


Your number may be memorable, but by saying it out loud to someone how likely are they to write it down? This is why business cards can be a huge asset. They are quick, convenient and can be designed to suit your brand whether you’re advertising your own services or your company’s product. Companies such as VistaPrint tend to offer business cards at an affordable price. Start handing them out and watch your inbound calls soar.

pexels-photo-215367Connect on social media

These days, there’s really no easier way to advertise than through social media. Every social media outlet will allow you to target a different audience and one that may not otherwise be aware of your business if you go through more traditional routes such as business cards and telephone directories. Of course, contact details should be included on your social media pages, and this can include your 0800 number. Always remember that your social media presence stands to represent your company so you should be professional, reliable and approachable as much as you can.

Online business directories

Arguably, physical telephone booklets like The Yellow Pages have become outdated and made way for online business directories such as Gumtree, Google My Business and Rated People. Getting your company (and thus your 0800 number) onto these websites and you’ll find you gain a lot of traction from prospective customers.

Get a click-to-call extension

Research from Google has found that 4 in 5 customers search for a service via a search engine whether this is on their laptop, desktop or smartphone. If this is the case, you should be considering advertising your business and its 0800 number through Google Adwords – a paid search advertising service. One of the best add-ons for Google Adwords is their click-to-call extension which allows any potential customer/client to call you at the click of a button.

Choose a catchy jingle

At some time in the past, you’re bound to have seen or heard an advert for a company promoting their number via the use of a catchy jingle. Depending on how good this was – you might even still remember it. People are more likely to remember your 0800 number if you pair it with a stand-out tune, especially if this is advertised via the radio or on TV. Companies such as Planet Numbers have 0800 numbers for sale that will give your business the boost it needs.

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