How to Remove Junk Files with Movavi Mac Cleaner

Movavi Mac Cleaner is a software designed to help your Mac computer stay clean from all kinds of junk files. A lot of people think junk files only occupy a little bit of spaces on their hard disk. Actually, junk files are just like the ordinary files on your computer and they do take up spaces on the hard drive. Your computer will start to store temporary files from the first day that you use it. The more you use your computer, the more frequents you should be launching the Mac cleaner software to clean up your computer. You must be thinking how to get rid of junk files on Mac within the shortest time possible. Movavi Mac Cleaner makes it possible for you to remove piles of junk files on your computer in just a few minutes.

The welcome screen on Movavi Mac Cleaner looks neat and clean with a circle bar that shows the status of your Mac condition. The status bar shows you whether it is necessary for you to clean your computer. It also tells you how much disk space you can recover if you click the Start Cleaning button to clean up all the junk files. If you are afraid that the software will delete the wrong files, you can manually select which files to delete instead of clicking on the Start Cleaning button to delete all the unnecessary files at one time.

There is a rescan button on the lower left corner that you can click to scan your computer for junk files all over again. On the lower right corner of the welcome screen, there is a gear wheel button that you can click to go to the Mac cleaner software settings. If you are hoping to free up a big portion of disk space on your hard drive, you should delete the unused language packs. When you go to Unused Languages, you will see different languages of language packs.

You can click on the Select All button to select all the language packs. After that, you should go through the list and uncheck the language packs you need. On the lower right corner, you will see how much space you will be able to free up after deleting all the language packs that are being checked. If there are several apps that you want to uninstall, you can get them quickly uninstalled by using the Uninstaller. The Uninstaller will show the number of apps that you can uninstall.

Temporary files like user cache, system cache, and log files can be found under System Cleanup.  If you click on the Detailed Results button, you will be able to see detailed results of the log files. In every section, the lower left corner always shows the number of selected files to delete and the lower right corner shows the amount of space freed.

Movavi Mac Cleaner has a shredder which you can use to destroy sensitive information completely. It also include an antivirus tool that you can use to scan for virus on your computer. Movavi Mac Cleaner makes it easy for you to delete unnecessary files with the click of a button. Beginners without any technical skill will know how to use the software to delete any file that they don’t want.

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