How To Get ‘That’ Visitor

If you own a website, manage a company’s site or are responsible for the sales conversion from a site, then you will have asked yourself the very same question. It is the only one you ever worry about. It keeps you awake at night and interrupts your gym sessions.

It is almost too simple a question for anyone to have to worry about, but there is no simple answer.

How do you drive your key, fee-paying, product-buying, word-spreading, loyal visitor to your site? But not just drive them to your site, but to make them engage with your site and to spend time at the site.

It’s something which could consume your every minute. It shouldn’t if you have a plan.

The first way of engaging with your potential clients is to go to them. Don’t sit behind your website and assume that people will try to come and find you. Go out on social media, advertise on search sites and get your logo on content rich websites.

It is all about promoting your brand to your customers in their back yard, you go to them and make it easier for them to find you. The customers see your logo in the middle of a very positive article, they see a celebrity talking about your product or they search a generic term and see your link at the top of the results.

Once you have their attention, it is all about providing them with something they want to engage in. Provide them an interesting article, an eye-catching video or a shop filled with items they would love to buy.

Capturing your customers’ attention and turning that into viable site visitors, is the biggest issue of any website. The content is king and providing that content is only half the battle.

It is very important to note that we have almost forgotten to mention the concept of the ideal customer. Do you know what your ideal customer looks like? Do you have a picture with a mixture of attributes which closely match up to your brand’s identity?

The idea of the perfect customer is much like the perfect date. You know how old you would like your date to be, you know what you would like them to have as their hobbies, you probably have an idea of an education level and even if we don’t want to admit it, you know what level of job you want them to have.

If you can approach your digital content engagement in the same fashion as you would a romantic date, then why not use a dating website for your business? MPP Global are your perfect partner in your attempt to find your company’s perfect partners and thousands of engaging customers.

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