How should dating sites react to the Ashley Madison scandal? 

With the recent Ashley Madison hack, there was an immense feeling of panic among its users. Many of them actually withdrew from the site, citing reasons such as fear for their privacy, and even potential marriage breakdown.

But the one part of the whole business that people didn’t pay much attention to was the other dating sites. There are many, and they may not be as potentially damaging to families as Ashley Madison.

But they still have the opportunity to learn from the hack. Whether they do learn or not remains to be seen, but in this article we will look at what they could be telling their members.

The first step that an online dating site should be taking is to tell their users to make their passwords more secure, as well as their username.

Doing this ensures that hackers will not be able to easily find and access personal information. With secure and highly cryptic passwords and usernames, everything is much more secure and better for the site and it’s users.

Safety is assured, and the site is not open to malware because one of the most common portals for hacker access (user accounts) is locked up.

The site should also tell its users that if anyone starts to pressure them into giving away personal or financial information, they should report it to the site immediately.

This is one simple way in which hackers can get access to personal records on the site. Once a personal record is accessed, the entire site is up for grabs.

One thing that the recent hack has taught us is that there are many ways to gain access to information online. As long as users of dating sites are encouraged to report any suspicious behaviour, there should not be any problems.

The majority of the issues with security hacks revolve around users not reporting concerns to site administrators. This simply means that users should always be suspicious of anything that actually seems suspicious. Dating sites should be telling users to alert them if anything looks wrong.

Dating sites should also make very clear what the procedures are to raise concerns.  If users are unaware of how they can contact site administrators quickly with concerns, then problems will develop and expand into serious issues before people are aware of them. Every dating site should now be making the procedure for raising concerns very clear.

In the end, serious hacks really only take place when someone is careless with information. The Ashley Madison hack was a rare case, and the more pressing concern now is for sites to be ensuring that users are fully aware of how to look after their data and how not to put their data at risk.

If a dating site is able to do this with it’s users, then the problems should be minimised. A dating site can’t necessarily stop a hacker that is determined to get in, but it can take all precautions to make it as difficult as possible to gain entry.

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