How Incentive Schemes Can Help Strengthen Your Sales Team

A good sales manager should always aim to get the most from their sales team. This isn’t just about them being able to sell and sell well. It’s about each salesperson being motivated to achieve and maintain a strong performance.

Sometimes, good work ethic, direction and attitude from a manager, alone, isn’t enough to get them there quickly and effectively. And this is where sales incentives can help.

Key skills of a good salesperson  

When considering what makes a good salesperson, there are many key skills that probably come to mind. Being confident, good with people and assertive, as well as the ability to empathise, be logical and close a deal, are some good examples.

But there are other qualities that are important for a salesperson to have too. These are those skills that help them to cope with the constant fast pace, high pressures, and repetitiveness that can come with working in a busy sales team. This includes the ability to:

  • Start and stay motivated
  • Have ambition and drive
  • Keep focused and engaged
  • Maintain and progress performance

It is building on these types of skills where sales incentives can help.

Explaining sales incentives

A sales incentive can help develop these types of skills across a sales team to continuously achieve high sales. Set up alongside a typical sales period, it can provide individuals with the incentive to achieve set targets using rewards. Incentives program can be set up to fall in line with an intense sales period, like the run up to Christmas or the launch of a new product, or to run along a lengthy sales campaign.

Sales incentive schemes can include multiple targets and rewards – over the short or long-term – for individuals and teams to achieve in a given time frame. A top reward for the most sales at the end of the program, for instance, could range from top sports equipment to the latest smart phones to a weekend city break. Rewards could also be given for top sales of a range of products or a particular product, or even best daily sales.

Motivating from the start

Beginning a busy sales period in good spirits can be essential for getting a sales team’s performance off to a good start. Even the best salespeople might feel a tad anxious starting a new campaign, or slightly drained from the last one. There is also the importance of getting to grips with new products quickly and starting each sales day on a high.

Sales incentives can play a key role in this by getting your team motivated right from the word go. The inspiring targets, prizes and big rewards, up for grabs, during an incentive program can encourage a sales team to feel motivated and engaged at the start of the working day, before a long shift, and ready and raring to go.

Maintaining momentum

While hitting and beating targets is a key goal for many salespeople, a big challenge is maintaining sales – from those achieved each hour or day to the totals made each week and month. It’s probably better for a sales team to have a steady level of sales than a constant trend of peaks and troughs, especially when the highs don’t overcome the lows. But those disappointing sale days and the inability to bounce back, alongside frustration and general tiredness, can affect even that most motivated salespeople’s momentum in the office.

Ensuring your sales team stays focused on their sales day-to-day and maintain that momentum, good pace and drive, week in, week out, is a key objective of a sales incentive scheme. This can help reduce those slower days and maintain a good level of selling power throughout a long sales period. The targets individuals have to hit, and the end goal rewards, can also help keep their eye on the prize, pushing them to work harder when they need it most.

Progressing performance

In addition to maintaining a good performance, a good salesperson should be driven by that desire to better themselves. Whether this is to obtain more leads, sell more products on a single day, or sell faster and more effectively, they should want to keep on progressing. But in a busy sales team it can be difficult for some salespeople to stand out and easy to lose that drive to achieve more.  

The excitement of a sales incentive scheme, the incentive of being well rewarded, alongside feeling appreciated for working hard, however, can be the boost that a low performer might need to help raise their game. For those top sellers in your team, you could even raise your selling targets to challenge them further, make sure they don’t get complacent and achieve more too.
The ability to start a sales campaign on a high, maintain a good standard and then improve that performance further, are all qualities that an incentive scheme can bring out of a strong sales team. With these qualities you can be sure to get the best out of your team, make them stronger, and achieve the top sales you want.

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