How Has Consumer App Usage Changed in 2018?

When looking at the number of apps available to smartphone users its ‘happy days’ as many are free to download. A recent survey found that on average 74% of people only download free apps, with 68% revealing they have never spent money on in-app purchases and 17% spending as little as £1 – £5. Everyone loves to save money and reach ‘rainbow riches’ by watching ‘unskippable’ ads (38%) and completing survey questions (33%) to unlock extra app content. Though, 16% said they would pay once for the premium version and 13% would actually make a series of small in app-purchases. Paddy Power Games understand people are always trying to save money and go a step further by giving you the chance to win money. With a mixture of slot games and an online casino on offer Paddy Power put the consumer first so check out the infographic below to find more about the changes in app usage.


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