Here’s How to Become Indispensable

The economy is not doing as well as most people would like, your colleague just earned a second degree, or some employees have been let go. Scary stuff, right? Unfortunately, these are not the only things that make you insecure at work. Being ill or having to take a long leave may make you feel exposed. In as much as your career comes after your health and family, it’s hard to say that you don’t fear being replaced.

That begs the question, how do you make yourself indispensable?

Indispensable defined: it is the state of something or someone being critical to a process such that a company or process cannot function without it (or you). It’s about doing more than everyone else, improving your workflow while enhancing the company’s profitability.

Even though you cannot be 100 percent indispensable, you can get a level of clout which makes it a bit difficult to find your replacement in a short time. Becoming indispensable in the workplace is all about becoming an invaluable resource that the company finds and works hard to keep around.

Don’t avoid your boss

While most people work on avoiding their bosses at work, it’s a counterintuitive move. Talking to or with your bosses actively helps you develop a relationship with them, and you also get to clarify your expectations. You need to work on making your boss your ally. If you recently earned a new certificate or are undertaking a course, let them know. But (and this is big BUT), don’t be a drag. Don’t be difficult to work with, be courteous, don’t text or walk into meetings late, and don’t be the worst employee of the year.

Be Proud of what you do

As an agile developer, for example, being indispensable starts and ends with you. It depends on how you apply yourself. For this, you have to take great pride in what you do. Be thoughtful, careful, accurate, and thorough. Yes, hold yourself and your work in the highest standards and pursue excellence. Be known for your level of excellence.

Always take personal initiative to get things done

Think of this in terms of the things you could do to stand out, the extra work you could do for the company, and ways of improving the company’s vital tasks for improved profitability.  

Being indispensable is all about going the extra step to make your department shine. Also, you need to honor your commitments.

Show your appreciation

Becoming indispensable is a lot more than standing out and taking pride in what you do. You need to show that you care about the company. Let your actions speak of your commitment to the company and your bosses.


Everything mentioned above will make you stand out. But, you can make it your personal goal. Some of the hardest working employees hardly ever get noticed. You don’t want that to be you. Being indispensable is all about being seen and known. So, demonstrate your ingenuity, dedication, and leadership by taking part in multiple projects and different disciplines. Often, this means a lot of volunteering. You might fail, but, you will succeed and get noticed in the end.

Build your Attributes and Core Skills

Identify the skills that could help you excel in your field then work on them. Also, identify the skills, experiences, and knowledge necessary for the company’s success and the ones that will help you get noticed. While working on your technical and soft skills, don’t forget about your written and oral communication skills.

Lastly, be in the know. You should be aware of the industry’s trends and the changes happening. Also, pay attention to office dynamics so that you know who holds most power or who has the greatest influence. Don’t forget to nurture strong relationships.


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