Good Reasons To play the Lotto?

There are many reasons that people play the lottery and Lotto games. The concept of a lottery has been around for as long as people have had something to win and a means to pay for a ticket. So why do we still play and what is it about a lottery that gets everyone excited?

The thrill of the game

If we are being totally honest with ourselves, there are two big reasons why we would use our hard-earned money and spend it on a gamble. For a gamble is what the lottery and lotto games are.

The first reason is the most obvious, we want to win a large prize. How large is down to the lottery, but it’s normally large enough to entice us into it. That is not about the thrill of playing, that is about the possibilities of winning.

The other big reason is the thrill of playing, it is about the chance of winning, of dreaming and of the possibilities if you were to win. This isn’t about the money, this is about the first thing you would tell your boss, the first thing you would buy, the people you would tell and the people you wouldn’t tell.

It is the excitement of playing the game and dreaming about winning. There has to be someone who wins, so why shouldn’t it be you? You have the same chance as everyone else who has bothered to buy a ticket.

Who would you tell?

Before you answer this one, you have to think about one aspect of winning. It’s not the side of it many of us think about and it is not the enjoyable side. But, as soon as you win and everyone knows you have won a large sum of money, you will get begging letters.

People who you had a drink with once in a bar and you swapped numbers, but never spoke to them again. It is this sort of person, who will instantly see your vast sums of money and come running back to you. They will ask for a small loan to tide them over, then another and then another.

This makes some people not tell anyone. It avoids the begging letters and phone calls.

On the other hand you might enjoy telling these people to go away and to have a serious look at their lives. You might like the knowledge that you have your financial security solved and that you can do something good for your friends and family.

These are the ones you might tell.


Can a prize be too big?

This is an interesting concept. How much money can you actually spend in your lifetime? Is there such a thing as too much money? The EuroMillions is currently at £168 Million, is that enough for you? Would you need just another million to be comfortable? Or is it just too much money to get your head around? Would you even know where to start with all of that money?

The simple answer is that you will find a way to do something good with it. You might be able to help out the local charities, buy your parents their dream house, secure your children’s financial futures, or just buy a large waterpark and keep it all for yourself.

With a win in the hundreds of millions, there are going to be very few possibilities which will be off limits to you are your closest family.

The cost is minimal

This is going to sound ridiculous when you read it. There is very little cost involved in playing the Lotto. If you see the numbers, then you might be able to believe the figures.

Imagine playing one line, once a week, every week of the year for ten years. That is just £2 every week, for 52 weeks of the year, for 10 years.
2 x 52 x 10 = £1,040

That has literally cost just over one thousand pounds. Over ten years you will have spent only a thousand pounds in your attempt to win hundreds of millions. That doesn’t seem like a stupid idea or even a waste of money.

If you saved the money instead, what really would the money do in ten years’ time? It is not a life-changing value. It might mean a small holiday, but there again it might just have been wasted on a few drinks after work.

When you stop to think about the money, it almost seems stupid not to play the lottery and try to change your life. It is costing such a small fraction of your daily finances that you could probably play twice a week.


Are there better odds?

The interesting thing about playing the Lotto is that people will always tell you that there are better places to play and better odds of winning. You have to look around and find the game which is right for you. If you want to play EuroLotto, then you know the odds and you know the size of the prize. The choice is yours.

It’s not always about the game with the highest prize pot or the game with the best chances of winning. It is about knowing how these two combine together and choosing the one with the best chances of winning a significant amount.

Unfortunately, the moment that your maths teacher said that you’ll need this one day, has finally arrived and you had better have listened to them.

When you know why you play the lottery, it makes it very easy to choose the right lottery game to play. If you are just after the thrill of the game, then choose the one which runs most regularly. If you want a life-changing prize pot, then you will have to shop around to find the one with the largest jackpot and just hope your numbers come up and it is the most lucky week of your life.

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