Five Reasons To Read Biographies

With social media, the average person finds it impressive when they spot someone reading a book. In itself is a habit strongly encouraged, but if you have not read biographies, it is about time you do. Here’s why:

You see global patterns

Nothing new under the sun we see quickly becomes apparent when reading a book of people from the past or born before us. You don’t have to be reading an academic biography to see that. When you read personal stories, you note that some mistakes people made in the past are what we are also currently making. That then serves as a wakeup call for us to do better. There are no exceptions; a tax lawyer and a kindergarten teacher have to do the same.

You understand others and the world better

Reading provides a fantastic opportunity to see the world differently. It forces you to see other people’s lives and the world they live in. It removes us from the silos we live in; we often associate with people who think like us. As you keep reading, you begin to note other people you thought you wouldn’t get along with are not as complicated. The same goes for when you read about people in past centuries. Though we cannot relate to their lifestyle, their thoughts and emotions provide insight into how society has evolved.

Open your mind to possibilities

When we have grown up and been in certain environments, we can tend to develop limited thinking. However, reading of narratives from people who against all the odds have gone out and become exceptionally great spark a “can do” attitude in us. Reading biographies can ignite the fire in you to want to achieve anything beyond your wildest dreams.

You grow

The more you know, the more your capacity to do better. Whether learning from the lives of others or on certain principles, biographies offer a new way of looking at things to think about and to try out. You, however, do have to read with the intent to learn. Unless you do so, reading will become more of a data collection process than about learning. Aim to spot themes and undertones for your benefit.

You obtain wisdom

We are not all fortunate enough to grow up with people around us to guide and mentor us. Biographies offer life lessons you would have otherwise missed. The drawback is you’re unlikely to talk to the character in question, but you will learn. You can though learn their thought patterns and how they made decisions for your benefit. If you feel you lack guidance on your life, reading a biography is one route to get it.

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