Finding The Things You’re Good At

There are many things in life which I am pretty bad at.

I would never advise that you invite yourself around for dinner. It will be burnt and it will nearly kill you.

If you’re looking to make small talk about football, then I can point out where your foot is and what a ball should look like, but I’m not going to be able to accurately dissect the advantages of a diamond midfield with overlapping wing-backs, if that is even a thing.

Yet one of the few things which I am good at is judging numbers and so I use this to my advantage. Every week for the last season, I have placed an accumulator on eight football matches. I honestly have no idea about the names of the teams, I have never done any research into the abilities of the second choice striker from a third rate team in the fourth division in what is probably not the sixth best league in Europe. Yet I will happily include some random team from the Austrian league in my accumulator.

I don’t bother to know about football, but I do bother with odds. It’s the best thing when you dive into the world of betting sports. The sports which you bet on are completely irrelevant, instead it’s seeing where the bookies have slipped up.

Saturday mornings involve me sifting through as many online sports books as I can manage and noting down all of the odds for as many games as possible. Nine times out of ten, all of the bookies are offering really similar odds. It makes sense, they have all over analysed all of the identical data and they have all come to exactly the same, logical conclusions.

Yet, sometimes, there’s not enough data to make that logical conclusion. Sometimes, they have to just guess and hope for the best. It is these games where you will see widely varying odds on exactly the same outcomes. The bookies haven’t got a clue.

Then it’s where I know that I’m one of the few people searching for online gambling UK based sites with bad odds. I’ll hunt for the one match where I can make my fortune.

Picking eight of these matches and choosing the right site to go on, I can happily walk away with odds in the hundreds of thousands. Now I’m really not stupid and I know that I’m getting these odds for a reason, but you would not believe how many times I’ve had seven of the eight matches go my way and I don’t mind putting a quid down for that chance.

Imagine that one time, that one weekend, when somehow, just out of the blue, the eight random teams from eight random leagues in eight random countries, all combine to win for me. Imagine my joy at the results and my joy at turning a single Pound into a couple of thousand at the very least, if not ten’s of thousands.

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