Finding The Right Product Distributor

The initial stages of finding a distributor can appear daunting especially for a first-time entrepreneur eager to get their product out. As with all journeys in business, it begins with an understanding of what the process entails. Playing it by ear would be detrimental to a company’s success, but research and knowing what to look for are the primary ways of scoring the ideal distributor.

Steps to getting the right one

Partnering a distributor is more than having another entity help moving your product. How well they do it determines the impact your brand will have on the market on a local or even global scale. A starting point is creating a list of what distributors you wish to work with and vet them. Ask for quotations and see what other businesses and competitors are saying before setting up the initial meeting. Their type of clientele will also determine if they are the right fit.

Numbers and accolades are indicators of a distributor that will likely not let you down. During meetings, do not fear to ask for the companies they have worked with, their geographical routes, their growth margins, and referrals before making a final decision. Capacity is equally essential; weigh the company’s ability to handle added business with its current workload

Focusing on shared values

Getting the right distributor narrows down to the relationship you build with them. That requires having a few meetings to determine if they are the right fit. Do not be surprised if you find a picky distributor; they too have bottom lines to make. However, do not entirely dismiss them. They might come to be allies in the future perhaps when your brand expands, and you need someone to move your product on a large scale.

Shared values are also important when sourcing for a partner. If you are a company providing custom diaries to a Canadian Tax Amnesty firm, you need them to arrive before the office breaks for the holidays. You, therefore, have to work with someone who values punctuality and being respectful of the products during the shipping process.

One should not focus on things getting from one point to the next. It is about service delivery as well. There should be a customer care system that alerts you on the progress made. They also ought to call or email in case of an issue, and you can do the same.  

Wrap up

Finding the right distributor narrows down to what your distribution budget is and if they delve into a similar product your brand offers. Given they buy your products, it is vital to maintaining friendly relationships while remaining professional at all times. That way, you avoid severing ties, leaving your profits to suffer.

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