Creating workspaces to help better your staff performance

Achieving a good staff performance in your business isn’t just about what your employees achieve as individuals. The environment in which they work can have a significant impact on their performance too. This can come down to the interior office design in your company and the workspaces you create.

Creating an environment where your staff can work well, however, isn’t just about giving them a good desk, fitted and equipped with what they need to perform. You can create other types of workspaces to benefit their different ways of working too.

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Learning and training

This is crucial for getting your staff up to speed on everything, from new software to company processes to clients and company products. But good training doesn’t involve a dictated one-way conversation or employees taking notes from a text book.

To get the most out of your training sessions, you should create a workspace that encourages participation, which helps to increase attention and understanding. Physical movement fuels the brain, which is also important when learning. So it’s a good idea to use furniture and seating that isn’t restrictive, allowing you staff to move and adopt different postures, helping to speed up the learning process.

Collaborating and brainstorming

There is no I in team, as the saying goes, which also emphasises the importance of collaboration. Good collaboration, such as for brainstorming, can come down to the creative thinking and problem solving of two or more staff members.

An effective workspace to promote this way of thinking should therefore be private where staff can focus and process information together. Furniture should also be set up to provide space to comfortably connect and brainstorm and share (write and draw) their best ideas.

Social spaces and informal meetings

Lunch breaks provide times for staff to relax, chat and recharge. But they can also be where their best business ideas are born – just from quick chat over coffee. For this reason, it’s a good idea to create a social space for your staff where good ideas are often created.

Designing an attractive inspiring social space, which allows your staff to be in an informal, relaxing area together, away from the office, can help. You can choose furniture which allows employees to sit and relax, comfortably, while still having a business feel to helps promote business-focussed discussions. These spaces can also be multifunctional and be used as the backdrop for an informal meeting or client catch up.

There are many ways that an office environment can be designed to help improve your staff’s performance, from boardrooms for company meetings to quiet spaces for individual thinking. Selecting the right interior office design and furniture can help push forward those different work ethics, as and when you need them, to take your employees and your business further.

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