Creating A Tech Startup

It might seem like the most stupid statement in the world, but there is a right place to start your startup.

A quick look through the most successful companies in the world right now and you will see a plethora of garage address. Famously Amazon, Microsoft, eBay, Apple and Facebook all started from the confines of a room purpose built for a completely different function.

The stories of almost every brand new startup involves the home address of one of the founders. It’s the most logical of places to start working. The front room is rent free, the garage is the perfect storage location and operations hub, without any extra overheads. 

It might well be the stereo-typical setup and yet it works on all fronts. Until you outgrow it. The moment the company grows to multiple employees, there suddenly becomes a severe lack of chairs and desks.

It’s at this point that the successful business have questioned the location of the startup. They have looked at the very key attributes they need and relocated to suit all of their needs.

Industries tend to group together in one geographical area. The tech industries find valleys, the logistic industries find transport links and the customer service industries find phone operatives. It’s all carried out in the most logical of fashion and the desires to succeed.

The online gambling industry has migrated towards Sweden. It is taping into the vast wealth of coders who not only have the very best technical ability, but they have gained years of experience in the industry. The valuable lessons learned from mistakes made for other companies can only help to ensure the success of their present employers.

Sweden’s gambling hub has been a huge success story for the country’s coding industry. It has become the go to place for anyone who needs to buy online games to add into their sites. Quickspin and Play’n GO are both leading names within the industry who just so happen to co-exist within extremely close geographical surroundings.

The mobile gaming websites springing up from Sweden include Swedish Dreams Casino, Unibet and Betsson. Their technical excellence is widely seen in their ability to offer unique and attention grabbing games within their platforms.

The superior technical knowledge and industry awareness has lead to offshoots of the gaming industry also being housed within the Sweden hothouse. Taking the expertise of the coders who used to write the gaming platforms, means that they intrinsically know what players are looking for. Comparing websites Casinofeber and Casinomir have cornered the market when it comes to being the signpost and directories for the best gambling sites.

There is a lot of sense in joining the information hub of any industry. The natural turnover of staff, will always mean that there are talented options for any new startup.

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