Could focus groups be the secret to your firm’s marketing success?

As a business, it’s likely you’re already aware of the different types of market research that are available to you. From phone surveys to web-based questionnaires, there are a whole range of ways you can obtain feedback from potential or existing customers about your product or service. Focus group research is another great way to discover what consumers really think and feel. So, could this method of intelligence gathering be the secret to your firm’s marketing success? In this blog, we take a look at the process and its advantages to help determine if it could work for you.

The process

During a focus group, you have the opportunity to ask participants a series of questions related to your product or service. You could allow them to test out your offerings then ask the volunteers for statements outlining their opinions, thoughts and feelings, in addition to any suggestions, ideas and comments. This type of research also gives you the opportunity to hold both formal and informal conversations to obtain an in-depth insight into the minds of your consumers. From the study, you should be able to gauge the general overall view of your product or service and ultimately, gain a reaction that enables you  to decide if your offerings are up-to-scratch. As for timing, consumer research experts Wirral Sensory Services point out that this process should be carried out as early as possible when developing a product to assess the best route to market.

The advantages

One of the main advantages of holding a focus group is that your results are available immediately. Other types of market research, particularly those that collect quantitative data, may take time afterwards to be collated and presented in a useful way.

Another benefit of this type of research is being able to monitor not just what your participants are saying, but their body language and actions too. While this isn’t strictly measurable, it is another way you can obtain useful information. Moreover, focus group research allows you to gain an in-depth understanding of what exactly your customers are interested in, their needs and habits, and it can help you identify areas where you can improve your product or service and your marketing techniques.

Although there are many different methods of market research for you to choose from, you may find that focus groups can really help you perfect your offerings and hone your promotional tactics.

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