Can You Really Make Money with Paid Surveys?

More than ever, people are talking about answering questions online and being paid for it. It indeed sounds like a dream job. You turn on the laptop, make yourself a cup of coffee, and start answering. But is this really the case and is it so easy to make cash by completing online questionnaires? The truth is that this is partially true, but there are still some things worth mentioning before you decide this is the right source of extra income for you.

What are paid surveys in the first place?

The term is rather self-explanatory. The statistics that can be obtained through these surveys are extremely important for the companies that want to use them in their marketing campaigns. Not only do companies discover what their target customers need or want this way, but they can also shape their marketing campaigns accordingly. Journalists also need these statistics for the purposes of writing credible articles on different topics.

How to recognize a scam website?

As you already guessed, certain websites can abuse the information their users provide in the surveys. It is for this reason that you should look for the tell-tale signs of scammers. Sites which have lots of advertisements, suspicious privacy policy, not so pristine reputation, or lack social media presence will most certainly spell scam. Practicing caution in these activities is extremely important so checking the rewards policies before answering is always useful.


Why would someone want to take paid surveys?

One thing is certain – you can’t make a living solely by answering online surveys. What you can do is make significant amounts of extra cash that can range from just a few dollars all the way to a thousand dollars. It is for this reason that you should do a thorough research and calculate just how you will be able to earn. Some surveys don’t offer cash but instead, the rewards are in the form of coupons or vouchers you would otherwise spend money on.

So, how much money can you exactly make?

If you are earning a living with your nine-to-five job and the income is just about enough for whatever you want, then answering online surveys may not be the thing for you as it requires commitment and time. Truth be told, you can do it occasionally but the money you will earn in this manner is hardly something that would suffice. On the other hand, going full blast and devoting your time to trustworthy and reputable websites for paid surveys may be exactly what you need. In order to unlock the full potential of this income stream, you should consider signing up for multiple websites at the same time. The reason for doing this is rather simple. Not all websites will have available surveys simultaneously, so while you wait for one to publish a new questionnaire, you can fill out some surveys on the other.


Taking a look at the time-money ratio, the time you will be spending on answering these may vary from just 5 minutes up to even 35, as surveys differ in length and complexity. As far as the money is concerned, you should be able to earn anywhere from $0.50 to $5.00. Although you will encounter offers that promise a whopping $50 per survey, in reality, these will be hard (even impossible) to come across. What is more, all trustworthy websites will highlight the time it takes to complete each survey. More often than not, you will be able to complete the questionnaires within less time than advertised.

Once you complete the research on what websites are reputable and worth the effort, scan them at the same time and pick the ones that seem to offer the best payout. Needless to say, you should go with them first.

Final thoughts

Having read all this, you have probably realized that this method of earning money should be only supplemental. On top of that, we may freely say that this is easy money you can get while watching TV or doing any other activity. However, keep one thing in mind – there are a lot of fraudulent websites out there and staying vigilant is a must.

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