Bringing clients to your yoga practice

Yoga is continually becoming part of the normal culture, away from the shimmer and glamor of celebrities and Buddhist. More people are embracing the practice, meaning there is room for yogis to get into and stay in business. While for most it is not about the money but for the love of it, one requires becoming business minded if they are to put food on their table and keep the lights on. What then can a yogi to do to attract customers?

Get online

Having a web development project at the front of the studio is a Zen idea, but if no person knows about it, then it doesn’t add to value business. Images are the best way to showcase a yoga studio and amply depict the experience a client stands to have. Don’t be limited to social media platforms. Create a beautiful website that ultimately your social media channels funnel back to.  It also gives you the opportunity to share the cost and schedules people can refer to. That means there are two aspects to look into.

The website: don’t spare any expenses to set up a site. It is a reflection and extension of your business, and it, therefore, should be crisp at the very least. It is good practice to have a blog where you can share your industry experience. It also works to inform the audience of information that would otherwise be too long to share on a post or has a longer shelf life.

Social media platforms:  it is likely that, apart from the website, the first point of contact that a potential customer will have with you is through social media. Ensure that the branding is consistent with that of the website. That means the logo placement and theme colors on social media ought to match that on your official site. That way, at first glance, a person can tell who you are.

Capitalize on your clients

World of mouth remains one of the most effective marketing tools available. Should you offer excellent service, encourage your clients to bring in members of their network, whether family, friends, colleagues or acquaintances. Therefore, apart from providing excellent service, help them to bring those around them into the practice. To further encourage to sign up, you can offer discounts to new clients as they decide if yoga, and by extension, your studio, is the best fit for them.

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