Betting early on the Grand National

The Grand National might seem like it is no where near the horizon, but with the Cheltenham festival wrapping up, the eyes of the horse-racing world are firmly fixed on the next big event. And no event in the calendar is bigger than the Grand National.

The tradition, the sheer scale of the event and the hordes of glamorous guests make this one of the biggest events in the British sporting scene. It has become more than just a horse race, it has become a celebration of the British obsession with horse racing.

This year there are some very noticeable names back for another crack at the title. Blaklion, Vieux Lion Rouge and Lord Winermere to name but three of the more obvious ones. Having had a taster last year, these could be some of the best horses to back this time around. Lord Windermere will have come back with another year’s experience and is currently sat at 66/1.

This early out from the actual race is a great time to take advantage of the large odds. Right now on UK bookmaker William Hill there are twenty-three horses with odds of 100/1 and over sixty horses are being offered with odds better than 50/1. We know that some of these horses will pull out and some will not be entered, but you do not lose you money if this happens. Instead, the only thing which is going to happen is that their odds will come down and then when you next see them at 6/1 favourite, you’ll kick yourself for not being quicker.

Speaking of favourites, there are four horses which the book makers have as making the early running. Total Recall, Blaklion, Cause of Causes and The Last Samuri are all currently sat around 16/1. With eight-nine different horses currently being offered, those odds are pretty generous. In just under a month’s time, they will not be sat at such large odds and the favourites will have dropped down to 6/1. So the difference an early bet would make on these could be worth hundreds to you in winnings.

It is pretty rare that the Grand National has any horses over 100/1 and yet already we have Henri Parry Morgan at 150/1. The book makers have absolutely no confidence in him making any impact on the race. But just imagine if something happens at the start and we lose a few horses because they became spooked and decided not to even start the race. Then we lose the average numbers going over the fences and a few more unseat their jockeys. Suddenly we only have a close bunch of ten horses running around. then all it would take is for the occasion to get to a few of them and this 150/1 outsider is suddenly a great each-way bet for the punter who likes to try and predict the unpredictable.

Whichever way you bet, if you know which horse you like, then betting early is the best way to get the best odds.

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