Best New Features in iOS11

What to Expect from Apple’s New Operating System

iOS11 will be available later this year, but a beta version has already been made available to developers. Here’s a glimpse of what is to come.

September is already down as the month to look forward to for the arrival of the next generation iPhone 7. But the new phone will be more than just a pretty face, as it will also feature the latest operating system, iOS11.

While some updates can be a little underwhelming, the signs are that iOS11 will be the biggest revamp in years. This is great news for techno junkies, and it also means there will be no better time to pick up a used iPhone 6, as the early adopters rush to upgrade at the earliest opportunity.

So what is all the fuss about? Let’s take a peek under the wraps and find out.

Dock and Control Center

The first thing you will notice about iOS 11 is that it features a dock that is very similar to what you find on a MacBook. It has room for 13 apps, whose icons automatically resize as you add more. There is also room left for shortcuts to your three most recently used apps.

You can pull the dock up whenever you want to, making it simple to grab the files you need from other apps while you have something else open. The whole feel is far more reminiscent of a desktop, and is a clear indication that Apple is working hard to make their iPad offerings a viable alternative to a Mac.

So what about the traditional Control Center that you currently see when you swipe up on iOS10? Well, it’s still there in the same place, and is far more customisable in its latest guise. The idea is to allow you to do far more from the Control Center without having to dig around in Settings, so you will see plenty of new buttons for changing the font and so on.

Siri’s got the smarts

We all know how big voice search has suddenly become thanks to a certain Alexa, and it is no secret that Apple and even Google were taken slightly unawares by Amazon.

iOS11 will showcase a smarter Siri, and she will be right there, without the need for a home pod, when you press the home button, or simply call her name. Siri will be quicker to respond than before, and is ready to give the competition a real run for their money.

Better keyboard

One of the constraints to using an iOS device in lieu of a desktop has always been the fiddly nature of the keyboard. With iOS11, you will no longer have to press the “123” button to access numbers and special characters – each key now has a secondary function that you can insert by simply swiping down.

File management

The files app has never been the easiest thing to use, but in iOS11, it is far more intuitive and user friendly. It has the looks and feel of the MacOS Finder, and it is easier to sort, drag and drop files however you wish.

It also provides links to your cloud storage, meaning you really do have access to everything from one place.


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