Balancing a Fulltime Job and a Side Hustle

Money from a fulltime job is enough and so almost everyone I know has a side hustle to supplement their income. Juggling between the two is draining and it could ether leave you without time for any other thing but work or you’d give up altogether.

While it is tough, it can be done and so there is no point in giving up. These pointers have worked for people I Know and so they are worth checking out.

  • Manage your Time Properly

Ma the time it takes to get your side job done and stick to that schedule. Unless your fulltime gig is remote and so you don’t have to be at the office, you need to create time every day for this second income earner.

Choose the time of day that you are most productive after your normal shift and get something accomplished during that time. The key thing here is to create a routine even if it is half an hour when you shut everything and don’t stop working until you are done. If you treat your side hustle with the same respect as your fulltime job, you will see some worthy results.

  • Look out for Opportunities

If say you are a separation agreement lawyer and your boss pays the big bucks for you to participate in training sessions on finance management to help you get better at your overall skills, take this chance to learn the skills that will help prepare those legal invoices and tax filing while your side hustle law consultancy is still infancy.

Try to jump into opportunities that help you improve not only your skills at your fulltime job, but also your side gig as it could become your fulltime gig someday.

  • Say No more Often

Most of us are still uncomfortable with the word ‘no’ and we agree to projects that don’t pay us our worth especially when they are fronted by friends. When I started creating content for websites and blogs, my friends would recommend me for jobs in their organizations for half the fee they would pay a writer they didn’t know personally. It irked me but I took them still to ‘build a name and brand.’ Well, those days are long gone.

  • Rest, you Mortal

You are only human and so you should allow your body some rest. Failure to get enough shuteye could lead to fatigue and productivity, none of which you want. So, only take jobs that you can do comfortably without overworking yourself or delegate some of it once in a while. Delegating means sharing your income and so earning less, but it also means more time to spend on you and those that matter.

Measure your Growth

Once a month, take the time to look at your accomplishments and failures. Assess your growth –or lack of it – and come up with ways to get better. I always recommend a written plan with weekly and monthly goals that you can measure your progress against at the end of each cycle.

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