A Thankless Task?

I’m pretty sure that you’ll have been in the exact same situation as I found myself in last week. I’m not saying that my boss is useless, but you’ll be able to make up your own mind within the next minute or two.

I got called over to her desk and told that she hadn’t had time to plan our department’s staff reward day and that I should take it on as a learning experience and as something to add to my portfolio before my annual review in three week’s time.

As I stood astonished that my review was being used as a bargaining tool, I started to learn just how much she hadn’t planned our big reward day out. I asked about the rough plan for the day and she said she hadn’t thought about it yet, but I could come up with what I thought was appropriate.

I asked about budget and was told to use our partners and their links to get something organised for free and then we could use our budget at the bar.

I thought about asking a third question, but by now I had already noticed the pattern and could probably answer the questions better myself.

The first problem I came across was that nobody knew anything about it, so I had to get a memo sorted pretty sharpish. But memos are for bosses, I was going to do this in style, I’m a geek and I was always going to find some event management software to do the hard work for me. It just so happened that I found one which would give me 100 free tickets and manage a lot of the hassle for me.

I could invite our department to five different events during the day, and because there were only 18 of us, it would still be within the free offer.

The first call to a partner netted me the transport, I called a hotel we use very regularly for customers and got a conference room for the morning. Within half an hour, I had go-karting, a cocktail lesson and a dinner all booked.

The best part of all of this was sending out the invites over the course of the week. Slowly I allowed the anticipation to build and then I’d add another element to our great day. What was even better was not letting my boss in on the surprises before the emails went out.

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